Doolphy – Online project manager to plan, check and control all your projects and tasks

Online collaborate as well as project management is provided to the users of Doolphy. Several tools that are quite handy are provided by this site that includes an interface that is pretty easy to use, no user limits, file sharing, milestone management and hour logging.

Doolphy - Online project manager

Steady progress can be observed by the user with this effective Doolphy project management tool. Any person who isn’t a Doolphy member but is related to the project can also check the regular updates.

They can share their point of view too. This tool also informs all its users about the time limitation and also the works that are in hand.

The element of security is also very high and the users also get their limitation of privacy. There is another important aspect that via Doolphy an effective group effort can be made.

Doolphy offers several tools that help businesses and organizations by providing an easy way of management of projects.

Nothing unique or new features are available in this application but some important features are available that makes it worthy of use. The users are provided with certain features that the usability of this application.

The site is pretty well organized and attractive and many tools are available. It is possible for the users to monitor the see the time spent on a task, collaborate, file sharing and watch for discrepancies that exist between the projected and the actual progress.

This tool is of great importance and is highly in demand for many organizations and businesses. The design of Doolphy is quite sleek and modern that is very user-friendly and readily welcomes a new user.

The background is light colored and the other color combinations give a very soothing appearance. There are several screenshots and navigational tools present on Doolphy.

The tool is really very easy to use and understand and any related information’s are gathered very quickly. Time is an important factor and a matter of big concern when working on a project.

The amount of time is reduced considerably through the use of Doolphy while getting a process control. Various options including the four diverse membership is offered to new users of Doolphy.

The account developed at first is completely free enabling many users to work on a single project with the storage space up to 100 MBs.

Features of Doolphy

  1. The time spent on a project can be easily judged using various tools
  2. Storage features and file sharing
  3. The information’s kept are highly safe and secured.
  4. Chat rooms and discussion boards for easy and quick collaboration
  5. Several features are included in the functional project calendar
  6. support Multiple Projects
  7. With the help of smart planning assistant , User can create new projects in an automated Way.
  8. Roles and Permissions – Role based Security, means user can assign a different role to each user to ensure everyone access only to the information they need.
  9. Stats and Reports – Stats and reports give you information about projects. Find out how projects and tasks are developing and how the team’s activity progresses.

A project manager highly appreciates the use of Doolphy. The tools are readily used and four accounts are provided freely that attracts many of the users.

With all such effective line of features, Doolphy is sure to help all its users. Therefore Doolphy is a must try app and every venture owners should surely try it up.

Download : Online Project Management – doolphy


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