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Utilization of time is the essence of success. Thus time management plays a vital role in the success of your business. Doit offers you an online time and task management software. It helps you to schedule your tasks. Doit is a smart online application that manages your work for you, keeping you focused and balancing your life.

Doit-im task management software

You simply need to enter the tasks and schedule in Doit and Doit immediately starts helping you. It is combined with efficient time management application that makes you feel better at everything you do. Handling your tasks effectively is the first step for time management. Designed and created by our time and task management experts, Doit is incredibly stress-relieving to use. Of course, at the most basic level, all you need to manage your task is a pen and paper to put down your tasks. But task manager software makes the job faster and easier.

Relaxed task and e-mail controls help you to concentrate on your work instead of your tools. Your mind stays uncluttered. You accomplish more, in less time – with a lot less stress. With Doit you can manage tasks in simple steps, focusing mainly on the management of the things to do (to-do’s). It works smoothly on any platform whether Windows or on your iPhone and Android, improving the performance on the current platform at the same time. Doit stores your data and task in centralized location known as cloud. This allows you easy access to all these data. This is a dedicated storage space that ensures none of your data is lost. It also supports different web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari and many others.

Features of Doit

The features that come with Doit interface greatly enhance your time and task management skills. So you can concentrate more on your work and spent less time on the tools.

  1. Automatically recommends and prioritizes things to work on next.
  2. Manages email for you like any other task.
  3. Maintains your data in a centralized cloud that allows you to access the data more easily. Moreover your data is not lost.
  4. Adapts its recommendations automatically as your schedule changes.
  5. Makes it easy to capture ideas or tasks in an instant.
  6. The “top menu” allow you to set personal priorities, reminders and the things to do list.
  7. Puts meeting agendas at your fingertips when you need them.
  8. It allows you category wise view of your tasks.
  9. Keeps follow-up items just two clicks away.
  10. Finds tasks instantly as you type.
  11. Makes time budgeting easy – just drag and drop tasks into the pop out calendar to create linked appointments.
  12. Maintains your tasks in Outlook automatically with no importing, exporting, or synchronizing.
  13. Gently teaches proven, low-stress time and email management practices.

Doit is state-of-the-art time and task management software that allows you relaxed control over your tasks. This helps you to focus on your work and attain perfection in your business.

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