Convert HTML document to PDF, Excel and XML document to PDF or XLS with Docraptor

Docraptor enables the creation of PDF as well as full XLS documents for users who works with the basic HTML knowledge. The HTML coding is pretty simple to write and has relieved the users from using the boring Java development through the use of this application.

DocRaptor  - convert HTML to PDF

The users are not needed to download or install anything as this application is purely web based. A great deal of security is provided to the data and so professionals use are free to use Docraptor with great confidence. The desired format of any file is chosen to be used with Docraptor.

Basic HTML documents are written by the users to format the basic document. After the completion of the document, Make a simple HTTP POST to the server of Docraptor and the application is send back to the user either in the XLS or PDF files.

2010 is the year in which Docraptor was found. Individuals less than 10 people are employed at the most at a time, including Matthew Gordon who is a CEO. Grandville, Missouri is the place of foundation of Docraptor.

A XLS or PDF file is generated by this application that is quite plain and simple to use. Simple HTML is taken by the people and it is instantly converted into the way document type needed by the user. Many programming languages support Docraptor and they are as follows Ruby, JavaScript, C# and PHP.

Docraptor has one and only one use, it assists the users to generate Excel or PDF documents without even spending the whole energy and time in making them.

The file type as per desired is created by this application through simple HTML codes. A very simple process is provided by this application and also much valuable information is provided such as phone number, chat, User Voice contact and Twitter option for those with concerns, questions, or problems.

A very neat and clean design is provided by the website of the Docraptor. A great flavor is offered by the design of the website. Links related to navigation are also found across the very website top along-with the provision of a white logo of Docraptor.

Icons and images are used all the way through although an appearance of low key is provided by the site. The goals or the aims of the site are provided in a much simpler way for each and every user.

The form of registration asks for the following information including the last and the first name, password, email address, billing address, billing name, ad the in formations of the credit card.

Features of Docraptor

  1. Any of the four diversifies membership plans can be chosen.
  2. Docraptor can be used freely for continuous 30 days.
  3. Create a Excel or PDF file using HTML.
  4. A high degree of safety and security is provided to your data.
  5. Docraptor can be used freely without installing or downloading anything.

Docraptor is of great use to the ones who generates the PDF or Excel files. A great deal of simplicity is provided by this application and saves the time of coding.

Download : DocRaptor


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