9 Detachable iPhone Lenses for Mobile Photographers

Who does not love taking pictures? Every one among us has this habit of clicking photos of things that we admire.

It can be a place that we visited recently or just a lovely sunset. Nature in itself is so admirable that once in a while, we are compelled to take out our cameras and save the moment forever.

However, most of us do not carry a camera while on the go. In situations like this, we often end up taking pictures with our mobile phones.

It is obvious that a great lens determines the quality of the picture taken by us.

So today, we are bringing to you the 9 Best Detachable iPhone Lenses for all the mobile photographers.

  1. Easy Macro Cell Lens Band

    Easy Macro Cell Lens Band
    Here’s a lens that is compatible with almost every cell phone out there. The new Easy Macro Cell Lens Band comes with an incredible built- in macro lens that works best with all the smartphones. The stunning as well as sharp details provided to your photos will definitely make them more awesome. It is like adding some extra life into your lovely and precious moments. You can click close up shots with optimum clarity. Also for easy access, you can keep it in your wallet or can simply wear it around your wrist like a regular wrist band.

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  2. Kogeto Dot – Best Lenses for iPhone Photography

    Kogeto Dot - lenses for iphone photography

    Kogeto Dot Lens is definitely more than just a lens for your iPhone. It provides a 360 degree video view for capturing your favorite moments. All you need to do is simply snap this lens onto your iPhone and start capturing videos with panoramic view. Apart from this, you can also share and upload these pictures onto your Facebook, Twitter or Kogeto networking sites. You can also mail your pictures and videos to your contacts using the free app that comes with this lens.

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  3. The iPhone Lens Dial

    The iPhone Lens Dial - lenses for iphone photography

    One of the best lens in this category, the iPhone Lens Dial is a must- have lens for all the photographers out there. It boasts an optical quality glass lens. These are the wide angle, telephoto as well as the fish eye lenses. A bonus of using this lens is that it also comes with a Macro lens for its iPhone 5 version. Apart from this, this entire package is equipped with an aluminum jacket with two tripod mounts. – The iPhone Lens Dial

  4. Owle Bubo – Lenses for iPhone Photography

    Owle Bubo1
    Owle Bubo works like a stabilizer as well as a metal mount for iPhone. It is a very powerful accessory to be added with your iPhone. Not only a lens, but Owle Bubo also comes with tripods and lights. It also comes with a small directional microphone that can be easily plugged into the headphone jack of your iPhone, along with a 37 mm wide macro lens. The metal rack ensures that there is no shaking and provides rigidity to the whole arrangement. It is one of the best lenses available for your iPhone.

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  5. OLLOCLIP 3- in- 1 Lenses

    OLLOCLIP 3- in- 1 Lenses
    This is the new quick connect lens for your iPhone. The good news is that it is now available for iPhone 5 as well. The amazing thing about OLLOCLIP lens is that it provides you with 3 different lenses within the same package. This whole arrangement ensures that you get an improved solution for your iPhone photography. One extra advantage of using this lens is that it is compatible with almost every app that you use on your iPhone. This lens can be attached as well as removed within a fraction of seconds. It is a macro, fish eye as well as wide angle lens. Apart from this, the carry case made of micro fibre works as a lens cleaner as well.

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  6. Gizmon iCA – Best iPhone Camera Lenses

    Gizmon iCA
    Here’s another incredibly designed lens for iPhone. One amazing feature about Gizmon iCA lens is that it is made up of 32 different durable polycarbonate parts. It is compatible with almost every camera strap. Also, you can use it while listening to your favorite music or playing your lately installed games. This lens also has a thin mock lens that can fit easily in your pocket. It also comes with a multiple tripod stand. Apart from this, every button as well as connector is completely accessible while using Gizmon iCA lenses and it also includes the on/ off button as well. The polycarbonate case also acts as a shield for your iPhone.

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  7. Go Pano Micro – iPhone Lenses for Photography

    Go Pano Micro
    Go Pano Micro lenses is till date the best for your iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S devices. This lens comes with a curved mirror that is capable of gathering light from all the directions and redirects it towards the camera of your iPhone. It also comes with a Go Pano app that adds extra life into your pictures and videos. Additionally, you can also change the view up to 360 degrees using Go Pano Micro lens, hence creating a panoramic effect. You can also create your own video street views as well as albums. Photography could never get better without the Go Pano Micro lenses for your iPhone devices.

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  8. Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit – Lenses for iPhone Photography

    Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit
    This is considered to be the perfect Photography lens for your iPhone. This is one lens that has got featured on almost every prominent website on the internet today. The special lens filter kit that comes with it brings an awesome effect into your photography experience. it is very easy to use and simple to install and also fits into any iPhone 4 as well as iPhone 4S devices like a simple case. Once you install Holga iPhone Lens , you will have access to 9 incredible effects which you can use to brighten up your picture collection in the times to come. Apart from this, it also comes in a variety of colors like white, black, red, blue as well as silver.

  9. Factron Quattro

    Factron Quattro - best lenses for iphone photography

    With Factron Quattro Lenses, Photographers can enjoy the photography with different lens which can change freely, just like a single-lens reflex camera. One of the most incredible features of Factron Quattro lens is that it comes with 4 different screws. Apart from being screws, there is an additional usability of strap hole for each of these four screws. It also comes with a jacket made up of aluminum alloy. Available in 15 different colors, the material used is natural calf skin. This lens weighs around 47.5 Kg and the material used is pure Duralumin. – Factron Quattro


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