42 Best Database Management Tools for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Here is 42 most useful, Free and open source PHP Database Management tools. These tools help you to manage all types databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL and Oracle.

PHP Database Management tools

  1. phpPgAdmin

    phpPgAdmin is a online database management tool for PostgreSQL. it’s a perfect database administration tool for PostgreSQL DBA’s, Newbies and hosting services. With phpPgAdmin, database manager can easily manage all kind of users and groups, databases, schemas, Tables, indexes, constraints, triggers, rules & privileges, Advanced objects and reports. – phpPgAdmin

  2. Phraseanet

    Phraseanet is a web based application for all kind of organization to manage their multimedia databases such as photos, videos, sounds and PDF documents etc.. it has it own full-text / thesaurus search engine to search your digital assets instantly. – phraseanet

  3. AeroSQL

    AeroSQL is a open source GPL license web based database manager for managing your MySQL servers. it allow you to manage multiple servers under one single desktop like user interface where records can be easily browsed or edited within a grid. All grid are editable where user update cells and save the changes to the backend database server. – AeroSQL

  4. smartMySQLAdmin

    smartMySQLAdmin is a free, AJAX based MySQL management tool written in PHP and JavaScript based on JSON data-format. User can use smartMySQLAdmin for basic CRUD functionality like Create, Read, update and delete. – smartMySQLAdmin

  5. deltasql

    deltasql is a php based open source database management tool to keep track of your database schemas. it synchronize your databases with source code, which helps to keep database evolution under control. While developing medium to large applications, developers undertake changes to the data model which go along with changes to the source code. The deltasql server runs on Apache and is backed by mySQL . – deltasql

  6. VFront

    VFront is a user frontend and database management tool for MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. written in PHP and JavaScript. With VFront you can create forms for manage your data in AJAX style, different rules and privileges for groups, report in XML,HTML,PDF,statistics and much more. – VFront

  7. DaDaBIK

    DaDaBIK is a mature Open Source PHP database application which allows you to easily create a highly customizable database front-end/application without coding. You can use it to create in a few minutes a very basic CRUD (create, read, update, delete) database front-end or to develop a more sophisticated database application. – DaDaBIK

  8. DBKiss

    DBKiss is a single PHP file based database browser for MySQL and PostgreSQL. it provide support for import/export data, Easily search whole database or single table. – DBKiss

  9. CIMyAdmin

    CIMyAdmin is a perfect functionally lightweight replacement for PHPMyAdmin built on the CodeIgniter PHP Framework. a simple, faster, better and stronger MySQL administration tool that is highly customizable and Skinnable. – CIMyAdmin

  10. MonoQL

    MonoQL is a web based Ajax application to manage multiple types of databases including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, and others. it offer all major features of phpMyAdmin for MySQL database management from database & table design to data browsing & editing. – MonoQL

  11. Bilt

    Bilt is a open source online database application builder that make it easy to build custom web database applications for your business without coding anything, where you can store your data, search or filter them and create custom report about your data. – Bilt

  12. trueDAT

    trueDAT is a database management GUI for MySQL written in PHP. it doesn’t offer all features of phpMyAdmin but you can use them for single database management. – trueDAT

  13. Propel

    Propel is an open source Object Relational Mapping (ORM) for PHP5. It allows user to access their database using a set of objects, providing a simple API for storing and retrieving data. – Propel

  14. PhpMyAdmin

    PhpMyAdmin is a free database management tool written in PHP and designed to handle the administration of MySQL. A user friendly web interface provide support for almost every features of MySQL like create, read, copy, drop, rename and alter databases, tables, fields and indexes, maintain your server, databases and tables via server configurations. – phpMyAdmin

  15. PhpMyBackupPro

    PhpMyBackupPro is a simple, easy to use yet free web based MySQL database backup software written in PHP and release under GNU general public license. it allow you create scheduled backups, manage them and also easily restored them. A simple User interface help you to manage your backups like viewing, restoring, downloading, deleting the tables. – phpMyBackupPro

  16. PhpDbEdit

    PhpDbEdit is a database code generator written in PHP that allow you build PHP/HTML pages to edit a database table with CRUD functionality (Create, read, update and delete). – phpDbEdit

  17. XaJaQ

    XaJaQ offer a web-based visualization of the table structure of your database. A browser with native SVG-support and JavaScript is required to create web based visualisation for your database. XaJaQ generates SQL-92-style SELECTs during the interactive definition of relations. – XaJaQ

  18. Adminiature

    Adminiature is a lightweight Ajax based administration tool for MySQL database.it written in PHP and JavaScript and the software released under GNU general public license. – Adminiature

  19. AdminMySybase

    AdminMySybase is a web based administration tool for SyBase written in PHP. user can create, edit and drop tables, Rows and database in sybase via PHP. – adminMySybase

  20. Lip-DB

    Lip-DB is a simple yet easy to use, free database management tool that help you to manage your important data with a minimum of fuss and technical knowledge. – Lip-DB

  21. Mydbaccess

    Mydbaccess is a graphical user interface for MySQL databases. The web GUI is written in PHP and JavaScript and allow you to user friendly editing the database. Search, query and reporting engine functionality give you more control on your database. – mydbaccess

  22. WillCool

    WillCool is a Oracle Database Monitoring System which have Ajax based graphical user interface that give you a real time status about multiple database installations on single webpage. – WillCool Oracle Database Monitoring System

  23. MyWebSql

    MyWebSql is a ultimate Web database administration tool for MySQL. it manage your MySQL databases over the web by using a secure, intuitive and developer friendly user interface and give you blazing fast performance. A WYSIWYG Table editor help you to create, edit and drop tables and their structure in grid mode without writing any queries. – MyWebSQL

  24. OpenREST

    OpenREST is a fully featured RESTful web frontend for MySQL and SQL Server 2005 that access your data in your database or file using HTTP protocol. OpenREST is a written in PHP and use jqGrid for data representation. – OpenREST

  25. SQLiteManager

    SQLiteManager is a multilingual online database manager to manage your SQLite databases. currently SQLiteManager provide support for wide range of database versions like sqlite 2, sqlite 3, in memory databases, AES 128 encrypted databases and with REAL Server databases. User can easily browse and edit tables, views, triggers and indexes. – SQLite Manager

  26. Posql

    Posql is a tiny text-base database engine (DBMS) written in pure PHP that does not need any additional extension library, it is designed compatible with SQL-92, and only uses all-in-one file as database. – Posql

  27. SIDU database front-end tool

    SIDU stands for SQL Select Insert Delete Update. it’s free PHP Database front-end and admin tool for MySQL, Postgres and SQLite databases working via web browser. – SIDU database front-end tool

  28. SQL Buddy

    SQL Buddy is a PHP based MySQL administration tool. no need to learn any special skill to install SQL Buddy, just unzip the files on your server and you are ready to use SQL Buddy. All Logins are handled directly by MySQL. Create as many or as few users as you want. – SQL Buddy

  29. phpSQLiteAdmin

    phpSQLiteAdmin is a Web interface for the administration of SQLite databases. easy to create, edit and drop tables, also Show table structure and indexes. – phpSQLiteAdmin

  30. Adminer

    Adminer is a full-featured database management tool written in PHP and specially designed for MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL and Oracle. it’s a single php file ready to deploy to the target server. – Adminer

  31. ParaDB

    ParaDB is a PHP based online application (PHP/MySQL) specially designed to use for ghost hunting and paranormal research . it has web based user interface for case management, client relations and investigative reporting. – ParaDB

  32. phpgrid

    phpgrid is a simple, powerful yet fully customizable PHP based admin user interface for generating PHP AJAX based datagrid for create, read, update, delete (CRUD) records. – phpGrid

  33. Uhura Web Database Console

    Uhura is a web database management console that work with any database backend such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, FirebirdSQL. it build with PHP and ExtJS and show database in tree way that let you browse databases, tables, columns, constraints, triggers, views, and procs. – Uhura

  34. MyDB Studio

    MyDB Studio is a free MySQL database manager with SSH tunneling support that offer secure connection even your host doesn’t offer you remote access connection. it’s a well integrated suite of database management tool that allow developer to create/edit/drop any database objects and Synchronize your database. – MyDB Studio

  35. eSKUeL

    eSKUeL is a MySQL database management tool written in PHP that allow database administrator to manage their all database without using any knowledge about SQL language. it work similar like phpMyAdmin where User can easily backup database, export/import the structure and the content of database. also easy to edit, add and delete record, optimize them as per the size of table or database. – eSKUeL

  36. NaWui

    NaWui stand for Nagios Administration Web User Interface. it’s a PHP based user frontend to manage Nagios configurations and Database records.Database connectivity is supported using plugins, which simplifies the way records are stored. – NaWui

  37. dbPerceptor Admin Generator

    dbPerceptor is a admin generator that allow you to generate html forms for editing MySQL databases. it based on configuration files you have created which automate the process of creating list, add, edit and delete user interfaces. Currently dbPerceptor have more then 25 configuration options to edit your MySQL database. – dbPerceptor Admin Generator

  38. BaseBuilder

    BaseBuilder is a database management system that help you to build custom web based databases. it’s not database, it’s a fully functional PHP based web frontend to manage your MySQL databases. – Basebuilder

  39. WaterFlea MySQL database maintenance tool

    WaterFlea is a simple database maintenance tool for MySQL written in PHP. it has user friendly web interface for managing and updating your database. – WaterFlea

  40. MySQL-Admin

    MySQL-Admin is a simple PHP based administrative tool for MySQL databases. With MySQL-Admin, user can check current server status and their configuration. also easily add, edit and drop databases instantly. – MySQL-Admin

  41. HypatiaDB

    HypatiaDB is a simple, easy to use and open source web based database management tool primarily written in PHP and use MySQL as a database engine. Create new database, tables and reports, edit data in tabular format or in per record forms. – HypatiaDB

  42. XajaxGrid

    XajaxGrid is a cross browser JavaScript grid management tool that represents your data in a sortable DHTML table. it help administrator to instantly design user interface by organising your database into configurable dynamic grid with different cell types, buffering and dynamical loading. – XajaxGrid


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