Dashboard – online lead management and collection tool

The Dashboard is an online lead management and collection tool that helps convert leads into successful deals. As a result, you can accelerate your sales workflow with the Dashboard application.

There is a huge rise in your profit once you start using the Dashboard. The Dashboard is a simple online lead management and collection software. Due to its great utility, it is becoming very popular for raising sales.


It has a simple and defined user interface. Therefore, it does not need a huge investment. You can avail of the free trial scheme for 15 days and then subscribe.

The paid version costs $14.95 per month for every user. In addition, the Dashboard has an effective system for sorting and filtering your data.

It starts working even before you are over with typing. There is a page that hosts lead listing. You can work on all your leads from this page. The Dashboard consists of a to-do segment.

It works as a checklist for tasks to be completed. You can customize your Dashboard to suit your requirements. For example, the Dashboard lets you customize your customer form, sources, and sales processes.

You can invite users and define their accessibility. The lead profile editor helps you to design forms. You can integrate your form with websites or email blasts with the help of the Lead Plugger API.

The official dashboard website has an active blog where users can share their experiences.

Features of Dashboard

  1. You can generate your exclusive Webforms from your set of leads.
  2. Dashboard does not require any installation of any software. You can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  3. Your Dashboard subscription is not contractually bound. You can stop using it anytime.
  4. It does not require any additional setup or extra charges.
  5. Unlimited users can access the Dashboard.
  6. You can control what other users can view and edit. For example, you can define each user’s role and permit them to access certain documents.
  7. Dashboard supports international currency support, which makes finalizing deals faster.
  8. You can have an indefinite number of Real-time leads and lead sources.
  9. You can personalize your lead profile from several template lead profiles.
  10. You can tag vital leads to emphasize them.
  11. You can set reminders.
  12. You can upload documents, images, and spreadsheets and include them in your leads.
  13. You can keep a record of notes and tasks set for users.
  14. An unlimited sharing of leads is possible between users.
  15. Leads can be sent directly from your website and lead providers.
  16. Dashboard supports 256K SSL security level for your data.
  17. Dashboard maintains secure backups of all your leads and other data.
  18. The Dashboard provides active customer support through phone and email.

The Dashboard is the perfect solution to boost your sales. It gets your job done in the way you want. In addition, the Dashboard guarantees 100% user satisfaction.

Download: http://www.getdashboard.com/


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