cubeSQL – sqlite based relational database management system

The system of database management of CubeSQL is incredibly fast and it AES encryption is used that is also very strong, is multi-processor and multi-core aware, unlimited connections is supported, fully ACID compliant, databases up to the size of 2TB and sqlite 3 databases.


The features include automatic compression and logging, provision of restoring and backup support, running of native in either 64-bit or 32-bit environment and it also ensures full support for triggers, with Concurrency control in multi-version.

This system is completely platform-independent and provides a storage engine that enables plug-ins for the extension of the SQL language as well as custom commands which are assisted by the server itself, and also the provision of a journal engine that recovers from crash recovery.

CubeSQL (formerly known as the REAL Server) provides a very high performance and is fully featured and provides a system for relational database management that has been developed on the very top of database engine of sqlite.

It was first developed in 2005 and from then it is modified for its betterment and the final outcome is the cubeSQL. This database is ideal for the use of single user who desires to convert them into a multi-user project that the companies have been looking for.

It also provides an easy to use and affordable and it is also easily maintained system of database management.

Features of CubeSQL

  1. Sqlite Based : CubeSQL is totally based on the Sqlite and it is embedded database engine that is most popular and used by Sun Microsystems, Google, Mozilla Firefox, McAfee, and Apple. The standard language of SQL is used in Sqlite and if you have very little knowledge in SQL then you already have the knowledge of querying in cubeSQL.
  2. One step sharing : The database file of sqlite that is single user can be shared with any number of clients through the use of your web server, by just dragging the database file of sqlite into the databases folder of the server.
  3. Fast and reliable : Because it is Sqlite based, cubeSQL is pretty fast and highly reliable. No sacrificing is required when you are using cubeSQL. Even the single user application of database is converted into the application of multi-user within an hour or less.
  4. Easy to Use and Administer : The process of installation of cubeSQL is very easy. The time span of installation is also very less and after the successful installation it can be run within five minutes. Also, the maintenance of SQL is very easy and there is also a tool available for graphical administration.
  5. Save your precious time on administrative tasks : The Admin application of cubeSQL has a new and intuitive interface that is also very easy to use and contains several functionality that are of great use. Scheduling and restoring of backups is possible, performance statistics can be also examined, blogs can be viewed and much more.
  6. Plugin Support : cubeSQL has a modular plug-in architecture and you can use it to extend the SQL language, change how your results are sorted or even create your own custom server commands.
  7. JSON : To provide support for third parties clients, it uses custom lightweight protocol – JSON. so you can access the server using any client that supports JSON.
  8. Support for MVCC (Multi version Concurrency Control)
  9. Full text Searching

Thus this system of database management is ideal for both single as well as multiple user projects and it is also easily affordable and provides great of use.

Due to all these reasons it is the mostly widely used database management system in the recent times.

Download : cubeSQL


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