Cronsync web based time tracking and invoicing software for freelancers

CronSync is a unique web based time tracking and invoicing software which serves the purpose of time tracking for your trade or venture and it is extremely helpful for professionals. You will also have the liberty to make invoices for your company or personal projects that comprises customizable details and company logos.

Cronsync time tracking and invoicing software

CronSync also enables users to track projects and orders as per his or her requirements. It also acts as your own personalized digital diary. It keeps all the information about your projects, keep contact details, keep a note of your tasks and projects and most of all reminds you of any specific tasks.

As Cronsync a web based program that allows you to gain access of your data and information from any corners of the world. The users also have the full facility of viewing the available client data, the hourly rates and all the archives for each selected contact. It also comes with an efficient accounting tool which allows you to print and process different bills or invoices, get account details and most of all helps to remain organized.

CronSync also permits users to put in team associates and offer custom admission levels. Live ongoing project stats are also made available. So you can retrieve information from your ongoing project, whenever and from wherever you feel like. CronSync provides users with many thorough features to keep a record of their hours, billing, and all-purpose project organization.

You can also add up new clients or projects and even new tasks too. CronSync also provides invoice making features that comprise customization options like that of designing the company emblems and also assigning detailed views to it. On the whole CronSync offers the entire users an immense pact of power over their invoicing, billing and project organization tasks.

CronSync also has a very appealing color scheme, comprising of two attractive hues of purple and grey that really works quite well. In most of the application of the similar type you would find that the color flavor is mainly blue but the purple flavor of this application gives it a unique appearance. The specially rounded data or information entry tabs and most of all the multicolored columns or rows make it easy for the user to follow the different headings and important notes. The colors of the rows are also provided in such a manner that it does not change the overall beauty of the application.

Features of Cronsync

  1. Make expert invoices inclusive with logos
  2. Tailor invoice outlook to settle on how much aspect the client sees
  3. Administer projects and everyday jobs through CronSync
  4. Position permissions and keep a record of time for each and every team member
  5. Provide Real-time project statistics
  6. Web based invoice management
  7. Time tracking with several options for customization
  8. Rights and access management for single projects or customers
  9. Quick and easy multi user time tracking

Thus CronSync is a very effective tool for anybody who needs to manage or organize a team and has the responsibility of managing bills and projects. Though the price of the application is still not determined but it is a very efficient application which is very much worth buying.

Download : Cronsync


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