Contapps – A Social Network Centric Phonebook for Android

Contapps is phone-book that establishes a connection with social networks such as orkut, Facebook. With the help of these social networking people can stay in close touch with people from any part of the world. Contapps provides an address book that is unique for several devices. It thus helps in establishing connection with people all over the world. It is a medium that helps to keep a close touch with people a-far.


The explicit use of this facility is that it helps to post comment on the wall of the close ones. The comments can be viewed and further comments can be made on the existing comments. Contapps establishes social networking by allowing searching your friends by their names only.

Gesture search and several other techniques can be used to find the required exact person. The address of the concerned person can be also searched provided within the Contapps. The address of the concerned person is also shown on the map and this requires a simple click on the Google navigation launcher.

The only common complaint regarding the Face book is that while a person may have several contacts but only a few out of them are shown at a-time. Several other browsers are installed in-order to overcome this difficulty but ultimately the purpose was not achieved.

Certain changes should be made in the Contapps so that the grievances of the people are overcome. There are several unique features of this Contapps and this mark its difference from the rest of the other similar features .Certain updates should be made in it so that the problems related to it or the complaints against it can be successfully dealt with.

Features of Contapps

  1. Usefulness – Contapps can be the perfect replacement of the conventional phone-book. The social contacts can be searched very quickly has the potential to become a very useful phone book replacement. The ability to search your contacts is immensely is quick yet simple. With a little improvement it can prove to be the most worthy social networking methodology.
  2. Easy to Use – This application is very simple to use and it can be used by anyone and by everyone. However the only drawback of this technique is that syncing of contacts. Once the difficultly with this is overcome this application will become the most easy application to use.
  3. The frequency of usage of this application is unlimited. It can be used over and over again without any hindrance.
  4. User Interface – The interface provided by this application is quite enthusiastic and its usage is also very broad. This is clean and clear application that is really enjoyable to use. The color combinations used for this application is very soothing and it almost fits with any application.

With so many facilities Contapps has proved to be the most worthy usable application. It is not user-friendly but also serves as the perfect replacement of conventional phone-books. Although it has some limitation but if those are successfully corrected, then this application should be a very effectively used application by all.

Download : Contapps


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