ConceptShare – online design collaboration tool for designer

ConceptShare is a web based collaboration tool which can be used to create final output from concepts and ideas. It is more used in creation and development of visual products and images. The ConceptShare application allows professional like web designers, graphic designers, photographers and many other creative professionals to bring their concept to action and output.


If you are a video animator or advertisement professional, you can put this creativity concept into the ConceptShare and with newer ideas create your final output product. You can easily share your final output product through this application. This application gives you a much richer base to put your creativity into action.

You can also get feedbacks and comments on your creation from your peers, colleagues and friends. This will also help you to develop your creation putting in more creativity and designing concept. The concept of ConceptShare basically lies in the fact that like usually a team of creative personnel get together to put their creative plan into a formation, likewise, the ConceptShare helps you to put the team concept into formation.

The ConceptShare application is similar to the final product making experience of collaborative planning, designing and bringing it into formation. Although the team effort is not in person on the location, still the team effort shows up through the assembling of different ideas into making the final one. The ConceptShare in fact brings out a deeper level of collaboration between the team members. You get appropriate feedback and review on your work and design concept.

ConceptShare being the web based application; you can try out its facilities online and carry on online collaboration. It is the easiest and good way of collaborating your ideas with your peers. You can create workspaces for the colleagues to discuss and create different concepts together. You can also review others work and comment on them.

Likewise, you can invite other friends and known persons to review and comment on your product. You can effectively share designs, documents and other files among your colleagues. You can collaborate from anywhere anytime without being present together in a particular location. You can create multiple workspaces for different work colleagues and friends and then invite them to the specified group. Incase, you no longer need the workspace to continue, you can effectively remove it from your account. You can manage the workspaces members and can assign the persons whom you want to assign. You can import other files and get them shared with friends.

features of ConceptShare

  1. Import Files – you can effectively import different types of files of different work types and can use them in this application. Image files like JPG, PDF, BMP, GIF, PNG and others can be effectively shared and uploaded in this application.
  2. Live Web Pages – you can also download and enter live web pages into this application simply by entering the URL and then import it.
  3. Share work – sharing work with friends and colleagues has never been as easier as it is with Concept Share. You also get email alerts when comments and replied are given by your colleagues.

ConceptShare is effective application and would help you a lot in bringing your creativity to life.

Download : ConceptShare online design collaboration tool


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