Composite C1 – .net 4 based web content management system

There has been a rise in demand for the content management system in the market. Composite C1 is a new tool which is completely written on the Microsoft.Net platform.

Composite C1 - .net 4 based cms

It has been build with the view that the various managers in the different corporate sectors have it easy in managing the company’s contents.

Managing the content of a company is an extremely laborious and confusing task and with Composite C1, the managers will find it easier to handle the different content resources.

Composite C1 is built with the latest technology and has the most advanced features. It is simple, the main focus in directed on the work and most of all it has a powerful collaborating power which helps it to integrate or collaborate with other systems quite efficiently.

Composite C1 also provides you the effective professional support, tools, up-gradation, training and with that it will be also providing a variety of commercial modules.

C1 is from the Denmark based house named Composite. It is a very effective content management system which is open source in nature. It is built on the .net 4.0 platform.

The main motive of Composite C1 is to allow the different organizations, individuals, companies, communities etc. to easily manage, publish and the most important of all – to organize the important company contents.

Composite C1 allows you the benefit of choosing between its two available modes. It has the free open source mode and the paid model. The composite C1 has a very user friendly interface.

Even inexperienced users with low technical knowhow would be able to manage this tool very easily. For the experienced professionals it will just be a piece of cake.

They will find it extremely useful and would be able to efficiently manage everything. XSLT and Frontend developers have the complete ability of controlling the look of the webpage and have the ability to control all the technical aspects of the tool.

.NET developers do have the right of entry to the newest technologies, ASP.NET 4, .NET 4 Controls, pure LINQ, Workflow Foundation, ASP.NET MVC and others.

The content management systems are built and developed by most of the most eligible web developers and they have the ability of attracting hundreds of users.

The fact the Composite C1 is an open source content management system further attracts numerous users.

Features of Composite C1

  1. Web content management system based on Microsoft .NET technology.
  2. Easy to create and maintain your website without knowing any coding knowledge.
  3. Make your website stand out with the integrated SEO assistant.
  4. It is built on the latest .net platform which makes C1 very much advanced.
  5. Successfully empowering many corporate web pages.
  6. Manage multiple languages and sites.
  7. Enjoy 100% design freedom and control.
  8. Build advanced solutions using HTML, CSS and XSLT only.

With such an effective line of advanced features, Composite C1 is sure to lend an effective hand to many of the corporate bodies. It is surely a must try CMS tool.

Download : Composite C1 – open source .NET CMS


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