Color Stream – Unique color tool apps for iPhone

This one-of-its kind-application and a nice color tool for your iPhone. Scheme, store and create the color palettes according to your choice and view your own iPhone go colorful. The application automatically generates color schemes from iPhone photo library or from the camera.

Color Stream color tool iPhone

Color stream is a unique and interesting color tool for your iPhone, which provides various color scheme according to your preference. Keep your iPhone design and layout colorful using the custom color scheme or design your own color scheme.

You can change your color scheme according to your mood or the weather of the day. Edit your palettes, add a color scheme and save it for future use. You can also tune finely and check out for any specific color that you want to use in your iPhone. Plenty of colors are easily available while you use the color stream application. Added to that, you can also create color palettes from an image or using color scheme, which is a built in application of iPhone.

Features of Color Stream

  1. Auto generated combinationThis application can create color palettes from automatically generated color combination from a selected image or from the photo library of your device or from camera.
  2. Multiple color palette access- The user can create multiple color scheme or color palettes, save them in a folder, can name or rename them and stack them accordingly for a quick access whenever he or she wants.
  3. Save Color palette in you photo library and make it wall paper- While you save your color scheme or palette in your photo library you can make it you devices wallpaper, share it via e-mail or past it in Flicker to show them to you close family friend and relatives.
  4. Full featured application – The color scheme is a full featured application and can be used as a sole web application as well as desktop application.
  5. Fixes minor bugs – The application fixes minor bugs to keep itself running.
  6. Automatic palette generation – The best feature of color scheme is the automatic color scheme generation using images and predefined color schemes saved in the devices library. The color scheme takes five colors from the image and automatically makes a new palette for the user. Afterwards the user can customize it accordingly and apply the changes as per his/her preference.
  7. Predefined colors- While you use the predefined colors from the color stream you can get three choices or options. You can tap on the color palette button and create a new color scheme. Secondly you can choose a color scheme for the provide option- Monochromatic, Complementary, Triadic, Analogous, and Split Complementary. Thirdly you can pick the colors from the given sliders.
  8. Measure the percentage of colors used in your color scheme- While you using a particular custom defined/user defined color scheme, you can view the percentage of colors applied in that color scheme.
  9. Rate you color scheme- As you designed your color scheme, you can name it accordingly and can even rate It as your favorite with stars.

Color stream is very colorful and interesting tool for iPhone users to create color palette and design it accordingly.

Download : Color Stream


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