Cheatsheet Viewer for iPhone to Store Cheatsheets

Cheatsheet Viewer helps you to saves and store Cheatsheets on the iPhone, iPad and presents it in an elegant and organized way.

The application remembers various shortcuts and commands for you and gives you the freedom to forget it conveniently.

Users can write their own Cheatsheet using XML.

Cheatsheet Viewer for iPhone

As a software developer, you need to remember lots of things apart from merely concentrating on your job.

Plenty of times you tend to forget the simple shortcuts and commands. And though not often, this hampers and distracts you from your actual work.

Now you can fix these minor problems by using Cheatsheet Viewer. A unique and useful application for the iPhone and iPad.

The application stores the shortcuts and commands in the device and presents them in an elegant and organized manner.

You can source plenty of cheatsheets from the online library or from a bookstore and store them all in Cheatsheet viewer to access it whenever you want.

While you open the application, you can see a list of cheat sheets and when you click on each of them, you can find an elegantly formatted and color-coded individual cheatsheet.

The application is available with pre-installed cheatsheets with popular features and tools like Git, jQuery, VIM, Google search, SEO techniques, etc.

Users can also view them in a smaller view as a favorite list. The application can format and reformat the screen view using custom views-landscape and portrait.

No need to mention the application is quite visually alluring as well as is quite a user friendly.

Features of Cheatsheet Viewer for iPhone

  1. Remembers and organizes cheatsheet- The application, Cheatsheet viewer, not only remembers the cheatsheet of shortcuts and commands but also executes them in an elegant and organized manner.
  2. Easy to access- Each and every cheatsheet stored in the application is easy to view and access whenever needed. It can be used as a quick reference book to remember the shortcuts and commands.
  3. Stores plenty of cheatsheet at a time – Plenty of cheatsheets can be sourced from an online library and can be stored in the Cheatsheet Viewer at a time.
  4. A single click application- Cheatsheet Viewer enables the users to view cheatsheets and access them with a simple tap of a button. Once the user clicks a cheat sheet from the list of cheatsheets, s/he can see a well-organized, pleasantly formatted and color-coded cheatsheet on any particular topic.
  5. Custom cheatsheets of tools- the application is available with custom cheatsheets of popular features and tools, like, Git, jQuery, VIM, Google search, and SEO techniques.
  6. Online tutorial on how to develop a cheatsheet- The application provides an online tutorial for first-time users on how to develop a cheat sheet which guides the user step-by-step on how to use this application efficiently.
  7. Create personalized cheatsheet- The users can easily build their own cheatsheet using XML. The user-created cheatsheets can be tested using the developer-created online tool.
  8. Formatting according to one’s preference- Users can reformat the screen view by the available views- Landscape and portrait. In the landscape view, users can hide their list and can restrict its public-viewing.

Cheatsheet is one of its kind application that lets the developer forget all the shortcuts and commands and concentrate on his/her work.

From storing the Cheatsheets to executing them properly, the application handles each and every task efficiently.

Download: Cheatsheet Viewer


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