CerebroHQ – The Best Visual project management tool for Multimedia industries

The software complex that provides great guidance to the project management for media is Cerebro. The places where Cerebro finds is used largely are videogame developers, VFX-studios, production companies for TV series, advertisement and web designers.


A forum like ambience is created by the software complex where all the participants who have taken part in the project are free to set tasks, monitor the progress of the project and statistics, attached files (images, video, office documents etc.) and comment reports, files of high resolution can be interchanged.

Clients versions: Microsoft Windows, Desktop (Linux, Mac OS X), mobile (iPhone OS), Web-based. The language in which Cerebro is available is the Russian and English. Several languages are also added in the translations and it has been planned too.

The project management process has been made very convenient for your understanding, even tasks can be assigned to groups of user or a single user with the aid of Cerebro, even the progress made can also be monitor, or on a task branch that is separately placed.

reports can be received on a regular basis from your employees, access levels for individuals can be set to messages and tasks. Even the statistics of your progress can be received by you, automatically calculate money and time expenditures on some specific tasks, e-mail notifications can also be received if any new messages or reports appear in that very system.

Features of Cerebro

  1. Project Navigation : All your messages can be visualized by you as per your liking and various navigation options based on project can be given to them, changes in interest list can also be viewed and even task lists that are extremely personal can be created.
  2. Messaging : The categorization system enables an easy management of message due to the integrated features. The message visibility can be even set up by you with the aid if Cerebro, for e.g. all the clients of yours are provided with the view of only limited messages.
  3. Project Content : The addition of materials or setting up of tasks is highly enabled in Cerebro all that you should do is the dragging and dropping of the necessary image/ video files to the window of program. Cloning of task branches is also possible for you to manage.
  4. Team Work : A search option is provided that is very convenient to use along-with several other options of ask setting for any number employees.
  5. Calendars : A timetable is displayed on a weekly basis for group as well as personal calendars who works for day and night for several hours and even days, vacations and even holidays, days are given as off in case the person is sick or ill.
  6. Email Notification : At instant message is received by you through the notification of an e-mail notification whenever a new message or report is posted in Cerebro for you.
  7. Flexible Custom Tag : User can create there own Custom Tag for Any media project, also easy to search using any criteria.
  8. Gantt Chart : Bind the variety of project tasks into a single continuous timeline and distribute your resources.

Cerebro is extremely useful for those who are skilled in creative work. Several features are provided in it that marks the effectiveness of this software. This software even allows project members to work individually as well as in groups.

Download : Cerebro


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