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Need to make your business smarter and snappier? Your answer to that is simple. Just start using Central Desktop. It’s a cloud based social collaboration platform that transformed the way in which people can bond and share information to ensure they get lucrative business solutions. Central Desktop is an extremely handy project management software that features the right tools you will need to manage your tasks. The software enables you to add and organize details and objectives, thus ensuring complete success for your business endeavors.


Central Desktop is easily the top online project management software today. It has numerous versions; the basic or free one being a light edition made that is compatible with low-end systems. The software is very easy to handle and has no complicated instructions that need to be maintained. You can always upgrade to more detailed versions.

The rates start at $25 a month and they go up to $249 a month depending on the number of users, the size of the team, the nature of the business and the amount of space required. After you sign up for the software, you will be given a “Dashboard”. This will function as a domain that will keep you up to date with what the other workers are doing. There are also tabs like “files and discussions”, “tasks”, “milestones”, “time”, “calendar” and “reports”.

Features of Central Desktop

  1. The software’s collaboration platform lets you keep your employees on constant projects. The interactive dashboard will convey any message you need your co-workers to get. The moment they are on the website they will know what the upcoming agenda is and can get to work immediately.
  2. Central Desktop will minimize the possibility of snags and impediments that come in the way of your projects. Not only can you remain informed about the progress of your business and how your colleagues are managing, but you can also ensure that your deadlines and targets are met right on time.
  3. The software has all the characteristic features that should be included in any project management website. It has elements of task management and other additional features like a calendar, clock and memos.
  4. The software also has a network of automatic email notifications. Workers can intimate their employers on the amount of tasks handled and can even place doubts and queries. These notifications are delivered immediately and can be replied to just like regular emails. This will keep you up to date about your collective progress as well as keep all of you connected on the same plane.

The software is extremely basic and simple. The reason why it is so extraordinary is that it has no complicated features and additions. You can simply stay connected with your colleagues and stay informed about your business and its progress. Central Desktop is a no nonsense software and it will get your work done.

Download : http://www.centraldesktop.com/


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