Capsule CRM – Online hosted CRM for small businesses

Capsule CRM is an Online hosted CRM that enables users to maintain effective communication with the professionals and allows them to contact these professionals.

Capsule Online hosted CRM

Users can track which tasks have already been done and the remaining opportunities available through Capsule CRM.

Can review the history of every user, and attached files, documents, and notes, as well as track bids and emails, can be organized.

A controlled way of organization is provided by the Capsule that provides users with certain opportunities so that any of the users does not miss any lucrative opportunity.

You may think that presence of such features may lead to complications, but Capsule is pretty simple to use, and it highly benefits the users of this application.

This CRM tool, named the Capsule, is very effective and simple. Any user can use it easily. Even a completely new user will be able to work with it even if a server setting is not required.

Capsule CRM is highly secured, and any contract is not necessary to sign for its use. The convenience of the customers is the main focus of this site which provides several choices to many professionals and businesses.

Despite being versatile, this tool is also very simple to use. All the related tools, as well as the website of Capsule, have a very professional approach.

For the first time, creating the account is free and supports a maximum of two users when you try to register as a guest.

Features of Capsule CRM

  1. Complete Contact View: With the aid of the contact page, you will get to know every minute detail of your contact. It enables you to keep track of the companies, people, and several other organizations with which you do business.
  2. Easy to share contacts with co-workers, so everyone has a single up-to-date view of the contact.
  3. Categorize your contacts using Tag, which you define and are more relevant to your business, such as lead, customer, vendor, etc.
  4. Easy to import contacts from Outlook, Gmail, vCard, spreadsheets, and any CSV file.
  5. With Capsule CRM, Users can track bids, deals, proposals, and other opportunities.
  6. Get a quick summary of opportunities on the go via the sales dashboard, including potential values.
  7. Manage your to-do list and calendar using tasks in the Capsule to ensure things don’t get forgotten.
  8. Highly customizable to fit your business, users can easily create custom categories using tags such as vendor, lead, the customer.
  9. Manage a group of Contacts with a List and filter them using your criteria, such as which city they’re in, how you’ve tagged them when they were added or using a custom field.
  10. Access your Data from anywhere, secularly

The Capsule is perfect for small businesses, a professional, or in situations with a very tight budget from the very start.

The creation of two accounts, in the beginning, marks this feature’s beauty. After that, just the login from the user and the management of Capsule accounts is required.

Download: Capsule online CRM


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