Canvas LMS – open source learning management system

Instructure Canvas LMS provides the most efficient platform for online learning in today’s world. Some features of the Web 2.0 are provided that are completely unique. In formations are displayed in the most appealing way to buy this platform.

Canvas LMS

With Instructure Canvas LMS, it has become much easier for instructors and students to steer the elegant site. Every platform has some drawbacks and this platform is not an exception to this. But out all the platforms this is the most easy to use, simple LMS on web.

Instructure Canvas LMS provides a platform that is entirely new and it provides social networking functionality through Facebook and twitter. This program can be used freely by all the instructors and students working on it.

Instructure Canvas LMS resolves many problems for the instructors. It enables a very quick creation of assignments from various places contained by the website. Assignment Information is designated automatically here along-with the syllabus, the grade book and e course calendar etc. without the need any aid of the instructor.

The Grading is done simply and the creation of weighted grades is done easily. A “speed grader” permits very fast grading without the need of load time that is dreaded and is required by several other platforms.

The progress made in class can be easily tracked by the students. They can even participate in several discussions and can even complete assignments with great ease. The grade book enables students to visualize their grades for individual assignments alone-with overall grade.

Features of Instructure Canvas LMS

  1. Speed Grader : The speed provided by this software is really incredible and it also saves much effective time. The speed with which assignments are completed is really incredible.
  2. Editor is Richly Contented : This editor enables you to easily embed audios, photos and videos from the web-server directly into the course of yours.
  3. Online Testing : Enables you to create various questions with which you can create a great quiz show that will contain a wide variety or a wide range of question.
  4. Leaning Outcomes : Accreditation is made easy. Set, optimize, and track easily and successfully with our outcome features.
  5. Communication Preferences : You are continuously notified through your Facebook, text message or email.
  6. Assignment Submission : Various types of assignments are allowed here in the following ways: Word docs, videos, even slide shows, audios or even web-pages.
  7. Flexible Pedagogy : Various web technologies and teaching styles are supported that are completely new.
  8. Chat/Video : Live chats and built-in videos have given it an entirely new direction in the field of learning.
  9. Rubrics : Rubrics can be made very easily that makes your assignments very clean and crystal-clear and also enables very effective and efficient learning.
  10. Groups : Users can form certain groups for teams, interest groups, and clubs beyond the boundary of classroom.
  11. Reporting : Our course as well as the student activity can be monitored with the reporting of our real-time.

A broad and wide platform is provided by Instructure that helps students in several fields. Their efficiency is increased to a great deal and they also turn out to be competitive and enthusiastic.

Download : Canvas LMS


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