8 Best Calendar App for Mac You Must Have

The calendar is the one app that helps you to organize properly during your daily routine.

There are a lot of calendar apps that will help you in an easy organization. Today we are going to share some of the best Calendar apps for Mac.



iCal is a stock calendar app for mac which is developed by Apple. Get all the tools in one app which will help you to keep track of your schedules, birthday, appointments, and events.

Thus, if you are using iCal properly and adding your important events there won’t be any event which you will miss in the nearby future.

By default you will see the week view in iCal but you can also choose what you want to display, a month, day, or an entire year.

Scheduling your events is very easy with iCal. Just go to add button, present at the top of the calendar and you can easily add an upcoming event.

Add reminders of birthdays of your friends and family members so that you can wish them in time. You can also sync iCal with your iCloud account and view them from any other iOS device.

You can also sync your calendars with other iOS devices and also share your calendars with others. – iCal


QuickCal is a premium app which you can use for scheduling your events on your Mac Desktop. QuickCal will act as a companion to you.

If you are scheduling an event and if there is an event already scheduled on the same date it will inform you. QuickCal provides you automatic suggestions for the events you are creating.

Using the Smart Alerts feature, Quickcal will set alarms automatically at frequent intervals. Have a look at all the upcoming events in your menu bar by using QuickCal.

QuickCal provides support for iCal, the previous app which we discussed, and the stock iOS Calendars app. You can also sync your events, reminders with other iOS devices. – QuickCal for Mac


Organize your day with the help of the BusyCal app. One of the best and the alternative to the built-in Calendar app on Mac OS that provides powerful time-saving features in a friendly, easy-to-use UI.

It comes with an integrated Info Panel which helps you to view and edit all the upcoming events which you have scheduled. Add custom font sizes and colors to the events to make them much more important than ever.

You can easily sync all the events and schedules with your other iOS devices, also provide support for iCloud, Exchange, Google Calendar, and other CalDAV servers.

BusyCal comes with Integrated To-do’s which will help you to set your daily tasks very easily.

If you have not completed any task which you have mentioned in the To-Do list, then it will be carried forward and it will keep on getting displayed until you haven’t marked it complete.

BusyCal also comes with a Snooze alarm feature which you can not only set for minutes but also for days and months.

Automatic Backups are created with the help of Backup wizard which will keep all your events and reminders safe. Use the Find feature if you want to find any particular scheduled event. – BusyCal

Microsoft Outlook

You might have used Outlook for sending and receiving e-mails, but you can also use it as a calendar app for your Mac operating system.

Add all your important events, birthday dates, and appointments in the app and you won’t forget to attend one in the future.

Using this app all your daily tasks will be completed in no time and you can also set your daily goals using the To-Do lists. Completed any daily goal? Just tick mark in front of it.

You can even share your calendars with other people so they can know on which dates you are occupied. – Outlook for Mac

Fantastical for Mac

Schedule your events by just a single keystroke. Adding new events and reminders are very easy and fast using Fantastical for Mac.

Fantastical comes with a great design which makes your events look more beautiful and attractive. You can even choose how many events you want to be displayed on your screen.

You can integrate Fantastical with a variety of different calendars starting from the stock calendar app to the Google Calendar.

This app comes with multi-language support giving you the option to choose from a variety of different languages. – Fantastical for Mac

Mozilla Lightning

Lightning is a project by Mozilla which will help to organize your events very easily.

If you are using Mozilla Thunderbird as your e-mail client then you should use Mozilla Lightning to keep track of all your events and schedules.

Mozilla Lightning can be easily integrated with Thunderbird thus allowing you to schedule all your events easily.

You can easily manage all your email calendar tasks very easily using Mozilla Lightning with Thunderbird. You can easily manage multiple calendars and add as much as To-Do lists. – Mozilla Lightning


Preminder is a highly customizable calendar app for Mac. View the calendar as per your need. There are three flexible views from which you can choose one at a time and these are daily, weekly, and monthly.

The user interface of Preminder is great. You need not know a lot of controls for accessing the app. Just click on the date on which you want to set the reminder and then type the note.

Preminder comes with iCal sync which helps you to sync the calendars from iCal to Preminder. You can even import all the birthdays which are stored in your iMac address book. – PreMinder for Mac


Blotter is a Mac App that shows all your events and reminders which you have added in your iCal calendar right on your desktop with a stunning calendar viewer.

All your reminders will act as transparent wallpaper to your Mac’s desktop screen. You will be notified each time a new event arrives if you have activated the “Right Now” feature.

Apart from displaying all the reminders and events, Bottler will also display the To-Do list right on your desktop. Bottler uses very little memory space. You can even browse for the upcoming events right from your desktop.  – Blotter for Mac


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