13 Useful CakePHP based CMS

CakePHP is one of the best open-source web application framework that provides an extensible architecture for developing, maintaining, and deploying PHP-based applications. It uses commonly known design patterns like MVC and ORM within the convention over configuration paradigm. CakePHP reduces development costs and helps developers to write less code without losing flexibility.

So, if you are a Die-hard fan of CakePHP and looking for some functional CakePHP-based CMS, here is a list of some practical CakePHP-based Content Management systems.

Croogo – CakePHP Powered CMS

Croogo is a free, open-source, Multilingual Content management system built using the CakePHP MVC framework. It’s an open-source project released under MIT License. With Croogo CMS, Users can create your content type such as blog, node, page, etc. You can categorize your content with Taxonomy. It also offers WYSIWYG Editor to edit your content directly from the browser quickly.

Website: croogo

Wildflower – A CakePHP CMS and application platform

Wildflower is an open-source content management system (CMS) and application platform built on the CakePHP framework and jQuery JavaScript library. It’s a standards-based, open-source, and user-friendly CMS released under MIT License.

Website: Wildflower


OvenCms is an open-source CakePHP-powered content management system (CMS), built on the CakePHP framework and jQuery JavaScript library. OvenCMS is a fully modularized CMS and has a lot of working plugins (modules). OvenCMS are ideal for the small site but also for large-scale community websites and corporate applications.

Website : OvenCMS

Lumad CMS

Lumad CMS is an open-source content management system that allows designers to manage small websites with a quick, simple User interface. It’s not a community-driven CMS like Drupal, nor is it a workflow-driven, enterprise CMS like Typo3.

Website : Lumad

CupCake CMS

CupCake CMS is an open-source content management system built using the CakePHP framework. It’s specially designed to provide Web designers an easy-to-deploy and straightforward tool to manage content in small and medium-sized Websites, all without programming a single line of code. Through its easy-to-use user interface and WYSIWYG editor (FCKEditor), content can be created and updated by authorized users without the need of having to learn HTML. CupCake CMS is a lightweight and design-oriented content management system meant for quick deployment of sites. It doesn’t mean managing community-driven portal sites.

Website: CupCake CMS

Simpleflan – A flexible CakePHP CMS for designer portfolios

Simpleflan is an open-source Content Management System for designers to manage their portfolio sites easily. It featured included, Spotless usable interface, Designed by designers. For designers, an Unlimited number of projects, categories, clients, and images, Automatic resize and storage of images, Themeable, Textile formatting, Runs on CakePHP 1.2, so it’s compatible with php4 and php5, etc.

Website : Simpleflan

Capuchn – CakePHP and Dojo based CMS

Capuchn is an open-source content management system built using the CakePHP framework and the Dojo JavaScript toolkit. Its main aims to be as simple to use as WordPress for the end-user (site admins) while offering developers an easily extendable framework to create rich websites. featured included: Full-featured image gallery, integrated with TinyMCE editor, Simple themes, Quick development using MVC framework, Integrated email client, Email to post (with pictures) feature, Single page, full-ajax admin page, etc.

Website: capuchn

BEdita – Semantic Content Management Framework

BEdita is an open-source Semantic content management and web development framework with a full-featured Content Management System, which helps you create and manage content and organize it through semantic rules. Users can create multiple Web sites simultaneously, build multimedia archives, implement e-commerce services, printed materials, e-learning systems, and blogs. The software is built upon the PHP development framework CakePHP.

Website : BEdita 

Termite CMS

Termite CMS is a CMS in development written in CakePHP. Its main aim to be as simple as fast and flexible. It’s an open-source project released under MIT License. features included, Easy to manage multiple websites with one CMS, Create the complete site structure using the CMS, Articles module for Blogs / News (with Categories, Comments, and Tags), Manage and publish content pages, Manage and publish forms, Manage and publish raw Web content (HTML/CSS/XML, etc.)

Website : Termite CMS

Baklava – podcast-enabled CakePHP CMS

Baklava is a flexible, podcast-enabled CakePHP CMS that mainly aims to serve and manage podcasts quickly and easily. Administrators should upload and manage their podcasts without any HTML, MP3 ID3 tags, or PHP knowledge. The whole CMS is built as a CakePHP app and runs on a MySQL database, and AJAX is used heavily to speed up usage. It’s a free Podcast enabled CakePHP CMS released under MIT License.

Website: baklava

Cherryfish – modular CakePHP CMS

Cherryfish is a modular content management system built with a robust and modern programming framework – CakePHP 1.2 and ExtJS. The CMS is designed for developers, content editors, and designers to quickly build and maintain their websites.

Website: cherryfish 

SkyGames – eSports community CMS based on CakePHP framework

SkyGames is an eSports community CMS and Tools for your eSports community. It was built using the CakePHP framework. It’s an open-source eSports community CMS released under GNU General Public License v2.

Website: SkyGames

iGo CMS – Ajaxed Web 2.0 CMS

iGo CMS is an AJAX Web 2.0 CMS based on the CakePHP framework and script.aculo.us.

Website: iGo CMS


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