Boomerang for Gmail – Scheduled email sending and easy email reminders

The task of Boomerang for Gmail is email scheduling as well as the postponement of received emails. The postponed emails are made available at the top of your inbox in proper time and are notified with a star-mark. Web browsers such as Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox are supported by Boomerang.

Boomerang for Gmail

  • Emails can be scheduled for future using the Boomerang which is nothing else than a browser.
  • The emails that have been sent can be even retrieved using Boomerang for Gmail and its validity is up till Jan 19, 2038.
  • The natural languages are pretty well-understood by Boomerang. The time taken by Boomerang is very short to understand these natural languages.
  • Through the extensive use of Boomerang the received messages can even be postponed and they can be kept as archived for a very long span of time as per your wish.
  • In-case a message you haven’t read re-appears, the task of Boomerang is to put that message in such a way so that it leads other messages in the inbox. Even a star-mark is put against it to mark it as an unread postponed message.
  • "Boomerang" label is the place where all the postponed messages are stored automatically. While "Boomerang-Outbox" is the place where messages that are postponed are kept to be sent.
  • Logging into Gmail is not at all required to work with Boomerang.
  • Web browsers such as Google Chrome as well as Mozilla Firefox are supported by Boomerang.

Features of Boomerang for Gmail

  1. Send an Email Later : The benefit of using Boomerang is that emails can be written by you at any suitable while they can be sent by you at any feasible time you just have to notify Boomerang the date on which you wish to send the email via a calendar or even a text box. Then it is the duty of the Boomerang to automatically send the email on the specified date by the pressing the normal Send button.
  2. The Best Follow up Reminders : The greatest utility of Boomerang is that it enables you to keep your inbox clean and clear. Some messages that are not needed temporarily are kept out of the inbox by Boomerang and they are automatically retrieved back when required if you just press the Boomerang button. The message will be available at the top of the inbox of yours and it will be notified with a star-mark.
  3. The greatest facility of Boomerang is to remind you the date as well as the time for any message that you get. The message that is urgently needed by you is returned immediately with just a single click on it. If a meeting is scheduled on a particular date and time then the message regarding the meeting will be notified to you two hours prior to the meeting along with the locations and other essential details of the meeting that will enable you to prepare yourself easily before the meeting.

The Boomerang is of great use in the field of sending and receiving emails. Its helps in storing of your postponed emails and even returns them in proper time at the top of all messages in your inbox. There are several other features that enable Boomerang to achieve such a great popularity in such a short span of time.

Download : Boomerang for Gmail


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