Blosxom flat file based blogging platform / CMS

Blosxom is an open source flat file based blogging platform / weblog and simple content management system that includes effective features which enables your weblog activities to be simple, useful and user-friendly.

Blosxom flat file based blogging platform

Blosxom simplifies your blogging patterns to a great extent and all files are saved in the text format. You can create or remove any file or document during programming using the FTP or WebDAV.

There is a special plug-in structure of the Blosxom that makes it sleek and small but provides scope for space extension and collaboration with various conditions and utilities.

You can customize your weblog by using Blosxom even if you are new to the blogging scenario.

Blosxom offers three versions for different kinds of users and you should check thoroughly before you install Blosxom.

If you are a Mac OS X user then you should go for the Blosxom version 2.0 which is a simple installer that doesn’t require much fuss and takes little time to get started with.

if you are using a Windows 2000 or XP then you have to wait for a while to get some updated news for launching of a new version of Blosxom that is on the process.

There is another version for everyone i.e. Blosxom 2.1.2 which gives you detailed information regarding the installation process and mechanism of Blosxom.

it also provides you with some flavour patterns that enable you to customize your Blosxom according to your preference.

Features of Blosxom

Blosxom is an easy to use weblog in app that has easy yet powerful features for your convenience:

  1. You can access Blosxom without any payment i.e. it has no installation charge. free flat file based CMS.
  2. Blosxom has bare minimum requirements for its running.
  3. It doesn’t take more than 15 minutes to start blogging.
  4. Its text format enables you to choose any text editor for your work.
  5. You can have multiple weblogs if you install Blosxom once.
  6. Contains bookmarks or permalinks that refer to some specific story related to your posts.
  7. Blosxom gives full support to the operating system that you are using, be it Mac OS X or Windows.
  8. It also maintains archives saving all your data and information that you wish to save.
  9. You can customize your Blosxom as per your requirements using the flavor templates offered by Blosxom.
  10. There is also an option provided to you for choice of your blog representation status i.e. whether it will be fixed or active.
  11. It has an in built RSS consortium which makes your work simple.
  12. Blosxom has very light configuration system that makes it much less complex than many other weblogs.
  13. Its defaults are designed in a clever and smart way which reduces your efforts.
  14. You have the options to blog using either specific dates or by course or type.
  15. A special feature of Blosxom is the plug-in tool that enables space expansion, incorporation and progress.
  16. You also have the scope to modify your Blosxom according to your needs.

Blosxom might improve your blogging experience.

Download : Blosxom  flat file based blogging platform / CMS


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