7 Coolest Bicycle Gadgets & Accessories

Some coolest bicycle gadgets are integrated with modern technology to simplify many regular activities. In addition, they spice your bike and riding experience, so you are more focused on adventuring. And in this video, we have come up with a list of the coolest bicycle gadgets and accessories to make your ride more innovative.

WALSUN – Smallest Fingerprint Bike lock


You will be surprised by the news about bike theft. Almost every 10 seconds, a bike is missing somewhere in the world. That’s why we come up with Walsun. Walsun can keep your bike secure from those bike stealers.

The disc brake lock weighs only 220 grams and takes only 0.5s to unlock Walsun with your finger, and it’s fast and accurate thanks to its advanced sensor. Fingerprint identification saves you from keys, combinations, and lock picking, protecting your bicycle or motorbike.

Walson fits almost every bicycle and motorcycle with 6mm disc brakes installed. The stapler-style lock prevents potential damage caused by riding away while Walsun is engaged. Wilson will automatically lock after the 20s; when you need to unlock, press that button first, then unlock it.

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The Stompump

The Stompump

Repairing a puncture at the roadside is one of cycling’s biggest tasks. Mini bike pumps that are small enough to carry on your pocket or clip to your bike are okay but not great for inflating a tire.

However, it is one of the best compact foot-actuated inflators (73mm x 68mm) and will inflate a tire three times faster than a conventional mini-pump.

The Stompump



Hövding is the world’s safest head protection for cyclists. You wear it as a collar around the neck, which controls your motions 200 times per second. In an accident, the airbag inside the collar inflates and covers your head and neck.

The airbag is shaped like a hood and covers the cyclist’s head. The execution mechanism is controlled by sensors that sense the cyclist’s strange movements in an accident and immediately execute airbags to protect your head and neck. Scientific studies show that airbag technology is 8x safer than traditional bicycle helmets.

hovding Website

Revolights Eclipse – bike and bicycle lights


Revolights Eclipse is next generation bike lighting system. The company wants to create higher safety standards for nighttime bike riding and make Revolights the most visual and functional bicycle lighting system on the market.

Easy to install and simple to use. The lights now have a streamlined, low-profile design by eliminating cables and introducing a new rechargeable snap-in battery.

In addition, eclipse now integrates the rechargeable battery directly in the rings themselves, thereby making the on/off switch more accessible and removing any need for cables and parts on the spokes or in the hub.

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SmartHalo 2


It helps you to discover new routes with clear navigation signals. It protects your bicycle with an ear-piercing anti-theft alarm. A completely redesigned new powerful front light gives your proper light in your routes.

It follows and shows your cycling metrics without pushing a single button, syncing with the fitness apps you already use. It keeps you related to what matters with the brand-new, customizable PeekDisplay. And it looks, feels, and works unlike any bike computer.

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TrapTap is a simple device you put anywhere in your car to alert you of speed traps, school zones, & red light cameras. It is a simple, smart, wireless button that alerts you of speed traps, red light cameras, and school zones by flashing different colors. It simply sits on your dash and is designed to save you cash.

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CarAIDE Multitool 3X

CarAIDE Multitool 3X

All-in-one devise to jump-start your car without jumper cables or a second car. It will also charge your phone and laptop, cut a safety belt, break a car window in an emergency, and scare away an attacker.

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What are the cycle accessories?

The best cycle accessories are Water Bottles & Shakers, Cycle Backpacks, Bags & Panniers, Saddle Covers, Cycle Pumps, Lighting Parts & Accessories, etc.

What is the best Colour to wear when cycling?

A brilliant yellow-green is the optimal daytime color and the greatest single-color option overall. However, as evening falls and the lights are dimmed, shades of orange-red and crimson become more noticeable.

Why do cyclists wear yellow glasses?

By blocking more of the blue light, which reduces the contrast in our surroundings, yellow glasses improve our vision. In addition, bicyclists can see better in low-light circumstances because of its tint.


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