Best Wireless Barcode Scanner For POS Systems

Wireless Barcode Scanner – The barcode scanner gives you the flexibility to handle your small business inventory. It gives you a perfect idea about stocktaking, inventory organizing, and understanding when to reorder.

What is Wireless Barcode Scanner

A wireless barcode scanner is an essential device for everyday business if you’re a retailer or are keeping track of large warehouses. It lets you monitor your store items and handle your outlets effortlessly and systematically.

A wireless barcode scanner uses Radio Frequency or Bluetooth technology to send scanned data again to a dock or cradle base station connected to your a pc through a USB or other cable.

Additionally, a wireless scanner improves productivity by offering an extra extended scan to the range, sometimes up to 200 feet.

Finally, some wireless barcode scanners come with internal memory storage, allowing users to store multiple scans without having to be right next to the dock. Here is the six best wireless barcode scanner for your point-to-sale (POS) system. 

6 Best Wireless Barcode Scanner For POS Systems

Trohestar Nuberopa N3 Mini

Trohestar Nuberopa N3 Mini

Trohestar Nuberopa N3 is a mini wireless barcode reader that permits you to read standard barcode ID from any screen or shiny paper.

It allows you to scan and upload barcodes quickly, store them in the memory, and upload them later to your system. With 16 MB memory, you’ll be able to store nearly 130000 bar codes on the device’s memory.

The barcode scanner quickly reads barcodes from any screen at the range of 150 m for a 2.4GHz wireless connection, and 50 m in Bluetooth mode will depend on the situation, obstacles, and signal interruption.

There are three different types of scanning out there – Manual Scan, Auto-sensing Scan & Continuous Scan. Manual scans help you scan the code whenever you press the trigger. The auto-sensing scan automatically scans the barcode whenever you put it in front of the scanner without pressing the button.

The 1200mAh battery power gives you nonstop 20 hours of bar code scanning. In addition, the lightweight but portable design easily fits into your palm to keep away from muscle pressure even for long-time use.


  1. Compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones based on Windows, Linux, Android, and IOS.
  2. MID, SPP, and BLE Bluetooth profiles for flexibility
  3. CCD imaging scanning
  4. Instant Upload & offline Storage
  5. With Type C USB cable to ensure better transmission and charging
  6. Manual Scan & Auto-sensing Scan & Continuous Scan
  7. Lightweight and portable, with an ergonomic shape, it fits your palm
  8. IP 42 anti-shock, durable plastic ensures the scanner can withstand drops up to 5 ft / 1.5m high.
  9. Add customized prefixes/suffixes, and hide front//middle/end characters.
  10. Add keyboard keys/combinations.
  11. Turn on/off the beep, turn on/off vibration, change the capital/lower case

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Netum barcode reader

Netum Bluetooth barcode scanner reads all 1D barcodes directly from the LCD screen of computers or mobile devices. Even damaged and the Netum scanner quickly scans poorly printed bar codes.

The 2000mAh battery life allows you to scan up to 30 hours of continuous bar codes for your inventories. You can recharge your scanner within 2 hours via the USB charging cable. With the scanner, the CCD sensor engine support reading linear barcode directly from a Computer Screen and mobile phone.


  1. 2000mAh battery squeezes up to 30 hours of continuous scanning
  2. Easy to connect with smartphones, tablets, or Bluetooth-enabled computers
  3. Support HID and SPP mode
  4. The scanner’s CCD sensor engine support reading linear barcode directly from a computer screen and mobile phone
  5. Bluetooth barcode scanner for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet PC, Support Mac OS X, Android, Windows 10, and iPad IOS 9
  6. The data interface is square USB, easy to plug and play, and more stable
  7. 150 scans per second
  8. The internal memory of 256 KB to store more than 2600 barcodes.
  9. 33ft/ 10m Visual Range Bluetooth Module: Bluetooth 2.0 – and EDR Standard

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Nadamoo Barcode Scanner

If you want a sharp barcode scanner with a long-range distance, then Nadamoo is the best option. It offers you a 100 m distance range indoors and 400 m outdoors.

Just plug and play into your computer and get ready to scan a 1D linear barcode. No need to install any drivers to get prepared with Nadamoo. It gives you two paring modes – one-to-one and multiple-to-one.

One scanner only sends a bar code to other USB receivers in one mode and multiple to one way; multiple scanners can transfer the bar code to the other USB receiver. Multiple to one method is perfect for the warehouse, where several people scan simultaneously.


  1. Long Transmission Range – 400m for outdoor open space and 100m for indoor
  2. Two paring modes – one-to-one and multiple to one
  3. Two upload modes – instant upload mode and Storage mode
  4. Two interface modes – USB HID Mode and USB Virtual COM Port
  5. 2 Scanning Mode – manual trigger mode and 260 scans/s High Scanning Speed
  6. Compatible with USB-supported devices such as windows, Mac OS, and Linux
  7. Also, provide support for various barcode types.
  8. 1400mAh long-lasting battery life
  9. Support reading reverse barcode
  10. Support reading UPC/EAN and extra code.
  11. Add/delete a character from the beginning, middle, and end positions.
  12. Add keyboard keys (TAB, CR&LF, etc.) to the scanning operation.
  13. Easy to Enable or disable barcode type
  14. Turn on/ off the buzzer.

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With wireless, Bluetooth, and USB connection capabilities, installing additional drivers on your computer or downloading other apps on your phone is no longer necessary.

ScanAvenger is a versatile barcode scanner that easily connects to your device and is ready to start work. First, connect your barcode scanner wirelessly with the included 2.4G wireless USB dongle by activating Bluetooth on your mobile device or connecting the USB cable to your laptop.

Similar to other scanners, ScanAvenger also offers Manual, continuous, and auto-sense scanning modes. All modes are available when connected to compatible devices, including PC, Mac, Windows, POS, iOS, iPad, iPhone, and other Android, Apple, or smartphone devices.


  1. Capable of scanning 1D and 2D barcodes
  2. Scan Mode – Manual, continuous, and auto-sense scanning
  3. No need to install any drive or software to use ScanAvenger, plug, and play
  4. Connect wirelessly with the included 2.4G wireless USB dongle
  5. Multiplatform and multi Device support.
  6. Once you fully charge the bar code scanner, it works continuously for up to 60000 scans (48 hours)
  7. Take 3 hours to charge fully.
  8. Up to 90 days of standby time
  9. The barcode scanner automatically starts vibrating once the scan is completed.
  10. The extended wireless transmission range allows you to use the scanner up to 656 ft in an obstacle-free environment.
  11. With 16MB of storage space, the CMOS Illuminant scanner can store up to 200,000 product codes.
  12. Code compatibility – Scan 1D barcodes, including UPC, EAN, Code128, Code39, Code11, Codabar, and many others.

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Tera Barcode Scanner

Tera Barcode Reader

The TERA CCD barcode Scanner offers many cool features that could be a life Changer for any retailer. Unfortunately, few barcode scanners use a 1px High-resolution scanning camera; the TERA barcode scanner is one of them.

With a built-in 1300mAh rechargeable battery, you can regularly scan up to 40000 times after 3 to 4 hours of the total charge.


  1. 2.4G Wireless + USB 2.0 wired connection
  2. Fast, Accurate reading speed
  3. Two working modes – Instant upload mode/storage mode.
  4. Anti Shock Silicone
  5. Auto Continuous Scan
  6. Two paring mode – One to one way and More One mode
  7. 1300 mAh battery life
  8. The wireless barcode scanner has 12,000 hours of scan life
  9. supported almost all 1D-printed barcodes
  10. USB-HID & USB Virtual COM
  11. Support symbol edit – add/hide the prefix/suffix/symbol in the fixed location.
  12. Capable of adding the date stamp and time stamp after the barcode in Excel
  13. Essential trigger mode and continuous scan mode

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WoneNice is a barcode scanner that automatically scans a barcode at a distance of 3 to 8 inches. Then, plug and play—no need to install any driver or software to use a barcode scanner.

Get ready to start work when the USB receiver connects to your computer. It will instantly scan the barcode and upload it to Word, Excel, or you’re in-house software, such as Excel or InFlow.

Built-in 1300mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery gives you 40,000 scanning capabilities after 3-4 hours of full charge. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. And the device has a USB port.

The barcode scanner scans almost every type of bar code, such as UPC/EAN, Code 11, Code 32, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, and much more.


  1. Two Scan Mode – Instant scan mode and storage mode
  2. Two pairing modes – one-to-one and multiple to one
  3. One wireless receiver can connect with about ten barcode scanners simultaneously.
  4. Transmission distance can go up to 30meter / 100ft in the warehouse, office, etc., and 100m / 328ft in a barrier-free environment.
  5. Work with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  6. Works with Word, Excel, Novell, and all standard software
  7. Anti-shock Silicone
  8. the sturdy build, which protects the wireless barcode scanner, will withstand drops up to 6.6 ft.
  9. Up to 300 different configuration options
  10. 1D 2D QR Digital/Printed Barcodes

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FAQ about Wireless Barcode Scanner

How does a wireless barcode scanner work?

To be more specific, the sensor housed within the barcode scanner is the component that detects the light reflected from the illumination system (the red light) and then generates an analog signal transmitted to the decoder. This signal is interpreted by the decoder, which then checks the validity of the barcode by using the check digit and converts it into text.

What is a barcode scanner used for?

A barcode reader is an input device that can be hand-held or stationary and is used to capture and read the information in a barcode. Barcode readers are also price scanners and point-of-sale (POS) scanners.


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