7 Best VPN Services for Mac

It’s frustrating and time-consuming to find a VPN support for macOS. How can you know whether it works well on Mac and includes all the features you require?

Each one of those VPNs on this listing specially selected by extensively tested for performance and usability, so you know they’re anonymous, rapid, and secure.

Here are the 7 Best VPN for Mac. I have analyzed each service to make it easy for you to choose the very best protection for your Mac.

7 Best VPN for Mac Desktop

VPN Shield

VPN Shield offers you thoroughly assured access to your favorite websites and apps.

Secure connections, protect your web privacy by informing you when you’re using the Internet in possibly dangerous places like unsafe WiFi hotspots at hotels, and provides a protected, encrypted reliable connection using a VPN Shield subscription.

With an active service subscription, you create an encrypted and secure connection between your device and our servers by utilizing Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

VPN Shield

VPN Unlimited

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited offers your highly secure encryption and Fast lightning protocols that encipher your data and protect your device on public WiFi.

You can now anonymously surf the web without showing your IP address. KeepSolid VPN Unlimited lets you depend on your MacBook for all.

It provides you robust online security and privacy solution on your Mac computer.

It means you get unlimited access to any website you want, and also, you can quickly bypass internet filters.

But one more reason to choose KeepSolid VPN Unlimited for your MacBook is a trial period. It gives you a premium collection of features that you can use for seven days completely free of cost.

Its trial period allows you to understand how our app works in training. You must undoubtedly try this!

VPN Unlimited

VPN Plus

When we pay our bills, manage our bank accounts, or log in to our favorite social networks, many relevant data, account numbers, and credentials can easily be attacked by identity thieves.VPN Plus protects all of your activities with a single click.

It’s a free VPN proxy service that uses enterprise VPN technologies to protect their users. It has superb security, speed, and simplicity.

No need to sign up and login is required to use this VPN service, and Users can start surfing the web anonymously without showing your real IP address.

VPN Plus

Avira Phantom VPN

Now browse the web safely and anonymously with Avira Phantom VPN for Mac.

It gives you all the essential tools that help you to stay safe online. In just a few clicks, you can enhance your privacy for the ultimate in anonymous web browsing.

Whenever you browse the Internet or download a file, you want to enjoy the fastest speeds possible.

Our fast VPN for Mac lets you browse the web anonymously and without any speed restrictions that make sure you get the best possible experience.

Without registration, our free Avira Phantom VPN covers up traffic up to 500MB.

Register for free and get 1 GB of free traffic, and unlimited traffic when you sign up for the premium subscription.

Avira Phantom VPN


IPSecuritas supports almost any IPSec-compliant firewall, which ensures that it works on virtually any kind of network, such as public WLAN.

In this regard, it works simultaneously with a long list of VPN devices, such as those manufactured by Cisco, Netgear, Zyxel, and others.

Overall, IPSecuritas is an excellent solution for connecting to the Internet more freely and securely. It’s widely compatible with multiple protocols and hardware.

Fortunately, it is free, even if donations are encouraged. Unfortunately, crashes on old macOS versions have been reported.

It is encouraging you to enjoy a more private and secure connection to the Internet.

It is an IPSec client that makes it possible to move your information via a VPN with ease.



SimpleAuthority is a fully operational Certification Authority, or Certificate Authority (CA), that considered to be very simple.

It creates and manages keys and certificates that offer cryptographic electronic identities for individuals.

SimpleAuthority supports Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. Unlike most CA products, SimpleAuthority doesn’t require specialist PKI understanding or behind components like an external database.

It based on The Legion of the Bouncy Castle cryptographic library. SimpleAuthority is free and contains no nag screens when utilized to handle up to 4 users.

If you would like to manage more customers or need innovative features, you need to purchase a license.


Cargo VPN

Protect your private data while using public WiFi in airports, coffee shops, etc.. Cargo VPN encrypts your visitors and can automatically detect when you access to an unsecured network.

Cargo VPN will take care of your privacy at the same time you pay your bills online, check your account balance, log into social networks, enter your billing address while shopping online, etc..

When you are not using a VPN service, all of your online activities are monitored, managed, and investigated from the government surveillance services.

If you don’t want governmental organizations to collect your data, use Cargo VPN to keep them from accessing your online activities, communications, geographical location, IP address, etc..

Cargo VPN is an essential privacy tool for the websites you visit, your IP address, geolocation. With Cargo VPN and its own DNS Firewall, you do not have to worry about malware, tracking, logs, and other threats.

Cargo VPN


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