10 Best Personal Assistant App for Android

With smartphones tightening their grip on every field of an individual’s personal and professional life, one thing was missing.

Most of us have assistants or PAs in offices, but have you ever felt the need for a virtual personal assistant?

Yes, someone who would be there while you are working on your projects or other stuff on the internet.

Guys, give it a thought. How amazing as well as simple would life get if we have a full-time assistant who would do all things that a typical assistant is supposed to do.

So here, we are bringing the 10 Best Personal Assistant Apps for your Android.

10 Best Virtual Assistant App for Android

AIVC (Alice) for Android

It’s a free version of the AIVC Personal Assistant App for Android.

Apart from the usual features in AIVC, the Pro version also comes with music, calendar, Wake up mode, Dialog mode, Google places as well as Television Receiver control features.

Alice is your virtual assistant and will make your work easy and fast. This app not only understands the commands but also performs many real-time functions.

The assistant is ideal for all Android users. – AIVC (Alice)

Skyvi – Personal Assistant Apps for Android

Here’s a Personal Assistant App for Android that knows everything from business to celebrities to what is going around in the world.

In other words, Skyvi is the Perfect Siri alternative for Android devices. It will allow you to text, call, finds places, makes witty and funny remarks, and even tell jokes.

What else does one need from an assistant, right? Here comes the most fantastic part. Skyvi will make updates on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter as well.

Since Skyvi offers a handful of features, this is one assistant worth hiring. – Skyvi

Iris – Personal Assistant Apps for Android

Iris is a personal assistant app for Android. The application uses natural language processing to answer questions based on user voice requests.

Instead of being just another Siri clone, Iris’s assistant has grown a lot bigger in recent times. Ask for anything, and Iris will surely be ready with a reply.

You can ask your movie recommendations, and random questions about the economy, science, culture, and history; all this is possible with this app.

Before using Iris, you will have to install Voice Search as well as the TTS Library to take benefit from this fantastic companion. – iris

Evi – Personal Assistant Apps for Android

Evi is another useful virtual assistant app that uses artificial intelligence to solve your problems. It helps you in assisting your day-to-day activities.

The app is free to cost to download, and there are no extra hidden charges as well.

Unlike other such apps that work like search engines and match your words with the results, Evi understands what you are looking for and provides you with the most appropriate solution for your query.

This assistant is continuously improving with each question you put in front of her. – Evi for Android

Dragon – Mobile Assistant App for Android

The Dragon Mobile Assistant from Nuisance helps you to work with as well as experience the most intelligent and accurate virtual assistant designed for Android devices.

Using this app, you will be able to enjoy numerous text-to-speech as well as speech-to-text commands.

You can now dial a number, listen to music, get movie review, book tickets as well as make reservations in restaurants, all thanks to this incredible virtual assistant.

Dragon Mobile Assistant is always on and is still on the go when it comes to listening to your requests. – Dragon Mobile Assistant

Maluuba – Android Virtual Assistant App

Maluuba is one of the best Android virtual assistants. It helps you in solving queries ranging to 20 verticals.

You can work together seamlessly with this fantastic app. It means that when you are working, eating, or even traveling, you will be carrying Maluuba inside your Android devices.

Apart from this, this virtual assistant comes with a very easy-to-use interface so that users can organize, search as well as connect their lives with this simple yet amazing virtual assistant. – Maluuba

Indigo – Virtual Assistant for Android

Here comes a new multi-platform virtual assistant for your Android devices.

Indigo virtual assistant is a Siri-like personal assistant for Android that is capable of starting a conversation about anything and everything with you.

Moreover, you can continue to chat with her on your tablets, PC as well as your android smartphone. For people who are always on the move, Indigo is the most suitable personal assistant.

Apart from the usual features, you can also create as well as store diary entries and reminders with the help of Indigo virtual assistant. – Indigo (Personal Assistant)

SHERPA BETA – Personal Assistant for Android

The SHERPA BETA personal assistant voted for the best personal assistant for all your Android devices, such as smartphones as well as tablets.

You just need to command the task to your phone, and the work completed in no time. Information about anything and everything is available at your fingertips while using this personal assistant.

The twist comes in the fact that SHERPA BETA is also capable of predicting your needs and requests. This assistant learns from your tasks and improves itself with each task it is assigned to perform. – SHERPA BETA Personal Assistant

SpeakToIt – Android Virtual Assistant App

The SpeakToIt assistant is another virtual assistant for your devices running on the Android platform.

This assistant is customizable and waits for your commands and tasks. This app uses the most natural language technology to answer your questions.

It is capable of remembering things that you are told to do once. It means the app knows everything about your favorite places, restaurants, movies, food, and a lot more. – SpeakToIt

Jeannie – Siri like Virtual Assistant App

Jeannie is one of the most popular Siri-like personal assistants. It’s an incredible voice assistant that has got multi-million hits to date.

There is no longer the need to memorize unique keywords and phrases. All you need to do is simply speak to your smartphone, and your virtual assistant will do everything you need. – Jeannie (like Siri)


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