8 Best Time Tracker Apps for iPhone

Time Tracker Apps for iPhone – If you are a web designer, freelancer, consultants, contractor, lawyer, or any professional who bills by the hour, you need a way to keep track of the time you spend on various client projects.

There are so many good time tracker apps available for the iPhone. Unfortunately, some only provide mobile connectivity to their online services, while others offer all features of online services directly to your smartphone.

Here are the eight most useful iPhone Apps for Tracking Time on Projects and creating invoices.

Easy TimeSheet Lite for iPhone

Easy TimeSheet Lite

Easy TimeSheet Lite is an iPhone application specially designed for people who want to track their time against projects, track billable hours for clients, or fill out a timesheet.

It’s a free version of the popular time-tracking application Easy Time Sheet.


  1. it offers all the primary features of Easy Time Sheet but only for a single project
  2. and provides support for both types of time tracking, such as Real-time and after-the-fact time tracking.
  3. Automatically calculate the billable amount of the project. 

Easy TimeSheet Lite

Invotrak – Time Tracker for iPhone

Invotrak iPhone Time tracking Apps

Invotrak helps you to track your billable time as a timesheet entry, record invoices, and create professionally designed PDF files by using ready-to-use templates and sending email notices to your clients directly from your iPhone.

Users can also sync the invotrak.com account with the invotrak iPhone application, so all your invoices, timesheets, and client information is also available directly from your web browser to your iPhone. – Invotrak

iTimesheet Lite – Time Tracker for iPhone

iTimeSheetLite iPhone Time tracking Apps

iTimeSheet Lite is a free version of the popular time-tracking and task-management app iTimeSheet.

Time tracking apps for iPhone and iPod touch allow you to track your time on your projects and record your daily activities in less than 3 minutes.

It has a minimalist user interface makes it easy for anyone to track how much time you spent on a task in a given period.  – iTimeSheet Lite

izepto – Time Tracking Apps for iPhone

izepto iPhone Time tracking Apps

izepto is an iPhone time tracking app for businesses, specially designed to record timesheets within a company. It’s a mobile entry client for the web-based application iZepto. – iZepto

Streamtime Time Tracker

Streamtime iPhone Time tracking Apps

Streamtime is a free time tracking app for iPhone that allows you to keep track of jobs, clients, staff, and projects all in one easy location, in your pocket. – Streamtime

WorkTimer Lite for iPhone

WorkTimer Lite

WorkTimer Lite is a free version of WorkTimer. With WorkTimer Lite, Users can track multiple projects and works even if they aren’t in the app.

It does not categorize your projects by client, nor will it email reports. – WorkTimer Lite

Clockedin 2 – Time Tracker for iPhone

ClockedIn 2

Clockedin 2 is an iPhone and iPod Touch personal time tracking app.

the feature included multitasking, Calendar, and address book integration, Easy to export reports in CSV format, Reformatted reports summarized by the customer, etc.. – ClockedIn 2

iPunchclock – Time Tracking app for Teams

iPunchclock iPhone Time tracking Apps

iPunchclock is a location-aware time-tracking app for the iPhone. It mainly focuses on the clean, ergonomic workflow for efficient tracking of your time and activities which you spend on different tasks. With iPunchclock, users can manage multiple timesheets. Each timesheet has an unlimited number of tasks, and each task contains a list of ‘shifts’’ – iPunchclock


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