7 Best Free SHEIN Alternatives Apps for Android

SHEIN, an online fashion retail store, was among the 59 other applications banned by the union government in June 2020. It is famous for its attractive pricing and variety of apparel.

Its ban has upset scores of loyal customers, but not for long. Here’s a list of the top 7 SHEIN alternatives for Android users.

7 Best SHEIN Alternatives for Android


myntra - Best SHEIN Alternatives for Android

An Indian online fashion and lifestyle store, Myntra, offers a wide variety of categories for shopping. Myntra perfect SHEIN Alternatives for Android.

Clothing, accessories, home decor items, and grooming essentials are available on Myntra’s website and mobile application.

Myntra has been in the online apparel retail business for more than a decade now and has made its Indian consumers’ name. It was acquired by Flipkart, a leading Indian e-commerce platform, in 2014.

It hosts all respected labels such as Ritu Kumar, store brands like FabIndia, Nike, Adidas, and many upcoming Indian brands.

Myntra for Android


h&m - SHEIN Alternatives for Android

A recently entered player in the Indian apparel market, H&M has garnered a growing consumer base.

Hennes & Mauritz AB is a multinational clothing retailer originally from Sweden. Its unique selling point is its fast fashion, classy, and casual style.

Just like SHIEN, H&M offers both fashionable and minimalistic western clothing at affordable prices.

It offers apparel, footwear,  and accessories for women, men, and children. H&M is bringing global fashion to the Indian doorstep at irresistible prices.

H&M for Android

Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop

True to its name, Shoppers Stop is the go-to destination for everyday clothing and traditional Indian and festive outfits.

From apparel and accessories to makeup and fragrances, Shoppers Stop has it all. With outlets across major cities in India, shoppers stop’s website and mobile app have further expanded their reach and consumer base.

It is the hub for Indian, western, and fusion clothing. If you are a family shopper and are looking for something for everyone, Shoppers Stop is where you want to be.

Shoppers Stop for Android


Amazon Fashion

Amazon is a globally leading e-commerce retailer. Its services like prime and Same day delivery have made it a hit among consumers.

Amazon Fashion is host to various clothing, accessory, and footwear brands, all offered at flashy prices with periodic discounts and sales. From fancy western dresses and glitzy Indian Wear to genuine leather shoes, Amazon has it all.

If you are looking for speedy delivery, reliable service, and variety, Amazon is the right place for you.

Amazon for Android


Zara - Best SHEIN Alternatives for Android

Zara is a Spanish apparel retailer with store outlets in metropolitan cities, but worry not; its online store is accessible elsewhere in India.

It offers the latest trends in western fashion, everyday basics, accessories, footwear, swimwear, fragrances, and beauty products for women and men. Over time, Zara’s brand value has become a symbol of status and style among urban youth. If your taste in fashion is bold, classy, and glamorous, Zara is the right fit for you.

Zara for Android


Urbanic - Best SHEIN Alternatives for Android

Urbanic is an online fashion and lifestyle retailer exclusively for women. They offer women’s apparel, sportswear, and home essentials – the Urbanic showcases A-Z of women’s fashion.  Women often face passive body Shaming when regular clothing brands do not make clothes in their size. Luckily Urbanic as a platform is inclusive and has specially curated Plus Sized apparel for women.

It also eases selecting appropriate clothing for different occasions as it categorizes clothes based on purposes and events such as workwear, vacation, party, and weekend.

Urbanic for Android


Clovia - SHEIN Alternatives

Clovia is an online retailer uniquely dedicated to women’s intimate wear. If you find physical lingerie shopping in the market uncomfortable or want to look beyond the limited options available in the market, Clovia is perfect for you.

It offers everyday basics and the latest styles in intimate wear fashion, swimwear, and nightwear for women. Clovia’s attractive prices and Well curated combo offers to make lingerie shopping as easy as the click of a button.

Clovia for Android

With SHIEN gone, many trend-savvy Indians felt that pocket-friendly fashion will now be gone too.  However, we assure you that these seven online stores will not disappoint the fashionista in you, and hopefully, you’ll miss SHIEN a little less.

Happy Shopping!


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