10 Best School Management Software | School ERP software

School management software, which contains various management features, allows schools to automate many operational tasks.

The varying management software packages offer various functions, from scheduling to student performance tracking. For example, it may help schools improve communication, offer a better study of student performance, and improve transparency with the parents.

When choosing the best school management software vendor, it is important to correctly understand how the educational management software will influence your school. There are two major parts to think about before making a purchase.

First, consider the features that your school requires. Second, ensure that most, if not all, of the features you will be paying for are used in your school management.

Are you looking for scheduling and admission management? Or do you need a system that allows automated grading and customized lesson plans?

The quality of the school administration software relies on these features. Therefore, consider several aspects when selecting a School Administration System software.

10 Best School Management Software

PowerSchool SIS

10 Best School Management Software | School ERP software

PowerSchool SIS is a K-12 student information system that provides the robust ability to help schools’ remote and hybrid educational and learning needs.

In addition, it helps you to keep the data secured with cloud compliance experts. Finally, it is one of the best School Management Software that enables teachers to communicate with parents and students easily.


  1. A secure, Flexible, & Compliant SIS
  2. Highly configurable and customizable for your custom needs
  3. Provides student reports online with accuracy
  4. Web-based grade book
  5. It allows you to compare the analysis of academic data
  6. You will get student feedback online without any hassle.
  7. Dedicated Mobile apps

Download PowerSchool SIS

Gradelink School Management Software

Gradelink School Management Software

Gradelink is a cloud-based school management platform connecting teachers, students, and parents through a single, easy-to-use platform.

The platform is used by many schools worldwide to save time on managing student enrollment, reporting attendance, tracking grades and attendance, and generating student report cards.

Teachers and administrators use the Gradelink to customize grade scales and configure assessments for their classes and topics. In addition, it stores all student data, including contact, medical, and demographic information, all in one place.

As a result, all essential information, such as current grades and attendance records, is always at their fingertips. In addition, integration with Google Classroom, PaySimple, Renaissance, Microsoft Office 365, and other software adds versatility.


  1. Unlimited personalized support via email and phone.
  2. Everything under one platform
  3. Provides administrative and attendance reports
  4. The School Management app allows sending school announcements in email.
  5. Allow you to track events in the calendar
  6. Classes and scheduling
  7. A growing list of third-party SIS integrations to help meet your requirements.
  8. Built-in LMS
  9. Classroom, Curriculum, and communication management
  10. Contact database
  11. Customizable Reports
  12. Data Import/Export
  13. Financial Management

Download Gradelink

Fedena College and School Management Software

Fedena College and School Management Software

Fedena is a cloud-based school management solution to manage the daily activities of schools and colleges. It has everything your institution will ever need.

Examples include Gradebook, transport, examination, bulk data management, students progress tracking, reports, parent-teacher collaboration, attendance, fee management, and 50+ feature-rich modules.

In addition, with Fedena School Administrative System, school admin can seamlessly manage all administrative tasks such as daily timetable management, students’ batches information management, keeping track of admission inquiries, real-time time on fee collection & pending fees, etc.


  1. Ultimate School ERP Software for all kinds of Institutes
  2. It helps you to take attendance easily.
  3. Allows teachers to collaborate with parents effortlessly.
  4. Simplifies the process of admission tracking and document submission

Download Fedena

inventted School Management Software

inventted School Management Software

Inventted is the best education platform that helps educational institutions become more efficient, practical, and productive. An unlimited way to improve productivity, student learning, and engagement.

An AI platform helps educational institutions manage students, teachers, and parents. The Most Efficient, Effective, and Productive SaaS-based ERP for schools and institutions with Zero Maintenance, Zero Hardware & Zero Installation Charges.


  1. Activity Dashboard
  2. Assessment Management
  3. Blended Learning
  4. Built-in LMS
  5. Collaboration Tools
  6. Data Import/Export
  7. Event Calendar
  8. For Classroom
  9. Real-Time Chat
  10. Remote Access/Control
  11. Report Cards
  12. Reporting & Statistics
  13. Support Audio/Images/Video
  14. Tests/Assessments
  15. View Student Monitors

Download Inventted

GeniusOne – Student and Education management Software

GeniusOne - Student and Education management Software

GeniusOne is a 360-degree Independent Education Centre and Tutor Management system with capabilities including People (Parents and Students) management, Student and Staff Attendance Tracking, Staff Management, Time Scheduling, and instant alerts.

You also get real-time chats, secure storage for your important files (documents, images, videos), a communication tool to send Broadcasts and custom emails, and a full-featured Online Payment system with alerts and reminders.


  1. Cloud-based Independent Education Centre and Tutor Management tools
  2. QR-based check-in and check-out with alerts and notifications to parents
  3. Track student attendance
  4. Calculate staff payout
  5. Add auto-buffer while scheduling classes
  6. Allow parents to select timeslots
  7. Monitor, accept, and reject slots in real-time
  8. Set fixed templates for repeated broadcasts
  9. Send emails and instant alerts to parents
  10. Easy to Chat with parents to talk about student progress directly.
  11. Send auto-reminders for payment
  12. Allow parents to view payment history
  13. Let parents pay directly from the payment app

Download GeniusOne

CANVAS Learning Management Platform

CANVAS Learning Management Platform

Canvas LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) specially designed for K-5 educational institutions.

It is a scalable tool used by educational institutions of all sizes and types, from individual classrooms to large universities to companies with a combined or fully virtual learning environment.

It offers complete LMS functionality for online learning, including standards-based grade books, customizable student checks, course content authoring, mobile communication, etc.

Canvas LMS can integrate with an educational institution’s existing SIS and other teaching tools. Additionally, the Canvas App Center offers mobile-ready teaching tools that can add new functionalities.


  1. Activity Dashboard
  2. API
  3. Assessment and Attendance Management
  4. Asynchronous Learning
  5. Attendance Tracking
  6. Blended Learning
  7. Certification & Licensing
  8. Class Scheduling & Summary
  9. Collaboration Tools
  10. Communication Management
  11. Content Library & Management
  12. Course Authoring

Download Canvas

brightwheel – Child Care Management Tool

brightwheel - Child Care Management Tool

brightwheel is a complete child care management tool built to modernize all childcare, daycare, and preschool programs.

It lets handled more smoothly, managing with less manual work, and, most importantly, giving back time to those looking after the well-being of children everywhere.

All tools and features are built and regularly updated in association with owners, directors, and teachers working in mid to high-capacity ECE programs. Key features are:

  • The seamless check-in/out feature.
  • Intuitive parent communications.
  • Simple activity logging for digital daily sheets.

All those and much more are included in the back-end business tools related to billing, reporting, and data management.

Download brightwheel

Schoology School Management Software

Schoology School Management Software

Schoology is a cloud-based learning management platform specializing in curriculum management, course instruction, and system-wide resource sharing and collaboration.

It has every tool your classroom needs and comes pre-integrated with more than 200+ tools, student information systems (SIS), and education platforms. In addition, users can easily upload course content and assignments into the database to create their website, which the vendor hosts.

It allows you to create content and lessons from inbuilt dynamic content creation tools and rich text editors. In addition, HTML and CSS tools allow you to keep lessons as visually simple or complex as desired.

Gauge progress shows you each student’s profile from the website. Color-coded workload thresholds will show if any students are overloaded.

With web-based and native apps for iOS, Android, and Kindle devices, Schoology allows students and faculty to collaborate and learn from anywhere.

In addition, users can access only the tools they need, from system-wide district announcements to messages with customizable roles and permissions.

Download Schoology

iGradePlus Online Gradebook

iGradePlus Online Gradebook

iGradePlus is a cloud-based school management platform for personal instructors, schools, and colleges.

Key features include student and class management, school and district management, grade management, attendance, behavior tracking, communication tools, etc.

iGradePlus helps teachers and administrators to create custom student and parent profiles and store them in a central database.

The student and class management features include student document storage, seating charts, lesson plans, assignments, attendance, etc.

Additionally, the solution offers a custom report generation and distribution engine and encrypts data transfer via secure socket layer (SSL) encryption technology.

Download iGradePlus

Xplor Childcare Software

Xplor Childcare Software

Xplor is a cloud-based school management solution designed to manage student enrollments, subsidy management, session bookings, and other administrative functions on a centralized platform.

Experts can monitor children’s activities using the playground module and record observations in images or videos.

Xplor offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, in which parents can follow children’s daily progress remotely, view due to payments, and communicate with educators through chat.

It allows institutions to create enrolment forms using custom templates, manage child care subsidy (CCS) submissions and automatically develop digital complying written agreements (CWAs).

Other features include pick-up reminders, reporting, audit logs, rostering, timesheets, etc. In addition, Xplor offers an API, enabling businesses to integrate the platform with various third-party applications.

Pricing is based on selected modules, and support is extended via live chat, phone, documentation FAQs, and other online measures.

Download Xplor


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