6 Best Remote Desktop and Screen Sharing App for PC

Best Screen Sharing App for PC – All these tools are compatible with all major operating systems. In addition, you can use them in several ways, such as remote control functions that let you access your friend’s computer and solve their PC problems remotely. 

Screen sharing functionality allows you to work with co-workers on your documents collaboratively. Remote access functionality helps you access your Desktop files and document from anywhere, like the office, school, home, or any other remote place, at any time.


BeamYourScreen - desktop screen sharing tool

BeamYourScreen is an easy-to-use desktop screen sharing tool that lets you share any desktop screen content to your online meeting or web conference. In addition, it allows you to manage remote support sessions for your clients, office colleagues, and business partners without leaving your office premises.

Up to 25 people at a time can join your online meeting and view other’s desktop screens in real time over the web. Users can grant remote control rights to any person but again take control at any time with the help of the shortcut keys Ctrl+F12 (for Windows and Linux) or Ctrl+ESC (for Macs).

Each session has its unique ID, so it was straightforward to use multiple times in the future. Additionally, storing several session IDs in your scheduler is straightforward, and using them at any time, whenever you require them.


  1. Desktop sharing app
  2. Change Presentation at any time
  3. Secure Remote Control
  4. Initial viewing path & remote control settings
  5. Remote shortcuts
  6. Simple HTML Viewers
  7. Sessions scheduler
  8. Recording & playback functionality for recording your BeamYourScreen Session for documentation purposes
  9. Whiteboard
  10. Chat
  11. Easy, Secure, and Free
  12. Realtime screen sharing
  13. File Transfer
  14. A quick, easy way to notify your participants.
  15. Pause screen sharing anytime during a desktop sharing session or web conference.



ScreenStream - desktop screen sharing tool

ScreenStream is a simple screen broadcasting software that helps you broadcast your desktop screen sharing for presentations and training periods. It’s handy Software for screen sharing that doesn’t require any particular software to install to view their desktop screen.

Just open your web browser and type the web address given by your colleagues into your web browser. It also supports streaming audio so others can hear your words. The Software is compatible with all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  1. Easy to run in the background and captures your screen in any other program work.
  2. The image can be viewed by anyone using an ordinary web browser
  3. Users with Windows, Mac, or Linux computers can view the screen.
  4. Perfect for desktop screen sharing or application sharing.
  5. Lets others listen as you speak.
  6. Can set access code to secure the connection.
  7. Unlimited viewers
  8. It installs and runs in just minutes.
  9. Let others watch your screen from their computer.
  10. Watch from over the internet or a network.
  11. No need to install any software to view your screen.
  12. ScreenStream is easy and intuitive to use.



SharedView - Screen Sharing tool for Windows

SharedView is a desktop screen-sharing tool offered by Microsoft. You can now easily share your documents and desktop screen with your friends, workers, and other people at any time from anywhere. Users can share, edit, and review documents with multiple people in real-time to 15 who can simultaneously participate in your web conference sessions. – Microsoft SharedView

CrossLoopCrossLoop desktop screen sharing tool

CrossLoop is a free and easy-to-use desktop screen sharing and remote access tool. It helps you share desktop screens with colleagues to work on the same documents. All connections between computers are encrypted using a 128-bit Blowfish encryption algorithm. Its main goal is to offer training or technical support over the web. However, it also has social networking site-like functionality specially designed for IT consultants. – CrossLoop



Yuuguu is a web conferencing, desktop sharing, and remote support system that lets you handle web conferencing sessions without installing any other software. To start a new session, you need to choose a person from your contact list and give them a secure access code to attend your web meeting sessions. Up to 29 people at a time can be a part of your screen sharing in real-time.


  1. An IM client to share and control remote desktops.
  2. No extra hardware is needed to use Yuuguu.
  3. The desktop client supports Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  4. Supports browser-based participation.
  5. Web Viewer.
  6. Effective IM aggregator
  7. You can still use the original IM channel for one-to-one communication too.
  8. 128 bit AES encryption




TeamViewer is a widespread desktop screen sharing and file transfer tool for remote control access, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between two computers through the internet.


  1. Ad hoc support for clients and employees
  2. Leave sticky notes on remote computers
  3. Powerful Remote Support
  4. Easy Remote access to any remote PCs, mobiles, and servers
  5. Secure, flexible file sharing
  6. Remote Printing for Windows and Mac OS
  7. Mobile Device Support
  8. Share Your Screen on iPhones and iPads
  9. Transfer files  securely and manages transfers in the Files app on iOS
  10. Mobile-to-mobile remote connections


Faq about screen sharing app for PC

  1. Which Software is used for screen sharing?

    There is so much Software available for screen sharing on PC. in the above articles, we added some useful apps to share your screen.

  2. Is there a free Screen Share app?

    If you’re looking for free, high-quality screen mirroring Software, let me recommend LetsView. It’s a screen-mirroring app that supports all major platforms, including Mac, Windows, TVs, and iOS and Android mobile devices.


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