Best Offline Translator Apps for Android and iOS

You will come across the need to get a translation service in many different instances in your life. In all such models, you must have access to a conventional method, which can help you to translate from one language to another with ease.

That is where the best offline translation apps can help you. When you have the translation vocabulary on your phone, you need to take it out and translate. Here are some of the best offline translator apps available for your smartphone as of now.

Best Offline Translator Apps

Google Translator

Google Translator - 10 Best Offline Translator Apps

Google Translate is the most popular offline translation app that you can find out there in the world as of now. You can expect to receive robust offline translation capabilities out of this app. In other words, it is providing you the opportunity to offline translate up to 59 different languages. You can also get the convenient tap to translate feature along with it.

Download:- Android | iOS

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Translator - 10 Best Offline Translator Apps

Microsoft Translator is the official translator apps offered by Microsoft. Millions of people from all around the world are already using Microsoft Translator for their translation requirements as well. One of the best things you can see in Microsoft Translator is that it offers you the chance to translate up to 70 languages in offline mode. It is also offering camera translation.

Download:- Android | iOS

iTranslate – Offline Translator

iTranslate Offline Translator Apps

If you are trying to locate the best offline translator apps that offer free service, you may take a look at iTranslate. Since this app is being provided for free, more than 70 million people have downloaded it. One of the best things about iTranslate is the accuracy of translations offered out of it. You will be able to secure getting a perfect translation experience out of it at any given time.

Download:- Android | iOS

Speak & Translate App

Speak & Translate app

Speak and Translate is an offline translator app that can deliver conversational translation capabilities. Therefore, people who use this app will be able to refrain from using an interpreter. As of now, over 100 different languages are supported by the app. It is also saving the translation history, which you can quickly access and understand what you have translated back in the past.

Download:- Android | iOS

Triplingo Offline Translator

Triplingo Translator

TripLingo is a simple offline translation app that is created for the use of travelers. Due to the same reason, you will be able to receive slang translation capabilities out of this app. More than 2,000 common phrases and slangs that travelers use are available with this offline translator. It can translate that content into 13 different languages for you. On top of that, you can find a massive dictionary formed out of over 10,000 other words.

Download:- Android | iOS

Naver Papago Translator

Naver Papago Translator

Naver Papago is an AI-based translator. If you are trying to locate the best offline translator, this will be another perfect option available out there to consider. You will be able to get real-time translation out of it. It offers image translation, voice translation, and text translation to all the users. The automated website translation feature you are getting out of this offline translator app is impressive. It will help you to translate content effectively.

Download:- Android | iOS

Waygo Translator

Waygo - 10 Best Offline Translator Apps

Waygo is not a simple offline translation app. Instead, you can think about calling it a social media network, where you will be able to build friendships with others. After building bonds, you will get the opportunity to peek into others’ lives and see they’re simultaneous. On the other hand, you can get into with them as well. If you can find a person who speaks another language, you will use Waygo for translation purposes.

Download:- Android | iOS

Translate Now – Offline Translator

Translate Now Translator  - 10 Best Offline Translator Apps

Translate Now is another offline translator app that is popular among travelers. However, any other person who wants to locate a robust and reliable translator app will be able to take a look at this as well. You will also be able to save the translations that you do with Translate Now for future use. Hence, you will save your time the next time you want to do a similar translation.

Download:- Android | iOS

SayHi Offline Translator

SayHi Translate - 10 Best Offline Translator Apps

If you are trying to locate a convenient method, which provides the opportunity for you to speak another language, you will be able to take a look at SayHi Translate. It offers an efficient translation experience to the users at any given time. Accessibility is one of the most significant factors that has contributed to the popularity of this translator.

Download:- Android | iOS

Hi Translate – Offline Translator

Hi Translate - 10 Best Offline Translator Apps

Hi Translate is a free voice and text translator available for you to grab and use. Image translation capabilities offered by this tool has received a lot of attention. That’s because you will be able to get an AI-based translation experience out of it. On the other hand, it is also providing you the chance to proceed with offline translations effectively.

Download:- Android | iOS

As you can see, there are numerous offline translators available for you to use. Pick the best offline translator out of them and use it for your translation needs. You will never be disappointed with the experience that you can receive from all these translation apps.


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