Best Offline Password Manager for Android and iOS

Best Offline Password Manager – We live in a time when we should be highly concerned about our security and protection. So here is why you shouldn’t use the same password for all your online accounts.

Instead, you should pick unique passwords for each online store you have and use them accordingly. Then, you will need to get your hands on the best offline password manager. Here are some of the reputed offline password manager apps available for Android and iOS devices.

Best offline password manager for Android and iOS

One Key Password Manager

One Key - offline password manager for Android

One Key is an encrypted offline password manager that you can use along with your Android device. You can have a single master password. You can access all the other passwords stored within One Key. It can deliver robust password management capabilities to you. You will not have to worry too much about the security and protection you get from One Key because it is based on the AES-256 algorithm.

Download:- Android | iOS


LastPass - Best offline password manager for Android and iOS

Many people call the LastPass Password Manager the best offline password manager for Android. LastPass Password Manager will be a good option if you want a strong password manager proven to deliver exceptional results. You can easily store all the passwords offline on this app and gain access to them whenever you want.

Download:- Android | iOS

Keeper Password Manager


Keeper Password Manager can help you keep all your passwords secure without dealing with significant issues. Hence, you can think about getting your hands on Keeper Password Manager without keeping a doubt in mind. It can also autofill the passwords when visiting websites or apps to make life easy.

Download:- Android | iOS

My PasswordMy Password manager for Android and iOS

My Passwords is a simple and intuitive offline password manager for you to consider. You will be able to get comfortable and quick data access with the help of My Passwords. On the other hand, it also offers strong data encryption capabilities. Moreover, since the password manager is taking automated backups, you never have to worry about any risks.

Download:- Android | iOS

MYKI Password Manager

MYKI - Best offline password manager for Android and iOS

You can easily protect your digital identity with the support and assistance you get from this app. There is no need to remember your passwords because MYKI offers all the help you need for authentication. Using this tool, you can easily create unique and strong passwords to ensure your protection.

Download:- Android | iOS

Password Safe

Password Safe

Password Safe is a secure password manager you use to get the job done. You can think about using it as an offline password manager. You can get backups automatically. Hence, all the protection is offered for the passwords at the end of the day. You don’t need to struggle to remember all passwords when using Password Safe. It would be best if you placed the master password, which would be enough.

Download:- Android | iOS

PassKeep – Offline Password Manager

PassKeep password manager for Android

PassKeep is a comprehensive offline password manager available for you to use. You can securely store the passwords in your mobile phone’s internal storage space while using PassKeep. After you store the passwords, you can ensure no possibility for the passwords to be hijacked by anyone. Hence, you can keep peace of mind and use PassKeep. Furthermore, whenever you want to retrieve the passwords, you can easily do it.

Download:- Android | iOS

Bitwarden Password Manager


If you don’t want to pay for the best offline password manager, Bitwarden will be a great choice available out there to consider. It can deliver the safest and easiest way for your business to share, store, and access the sensitive data you have. You can think about using Bitwarden for business purposes as well.

Download:- Android | iOS

Norton Password Manager

Norton - Best offline password manager for Android and iOS

After you use Norton Password Manager, you can access your passwords and ensure they are securely protected. In addition, you can use this tool to save all the passwords securely. Since this is one of the most reputed apps, there is no need to keep any second thoughts when accessing Norton Password Manager to get your work done.

Download:- Android | iOS

Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane password manager

Dashlane Password Manager is something that is designed to boost your productivity. You can store an unlimited number of passwords on Dashlane Password Manager. Then it would help if you used the master password, and you will be able to log in automatically. You can keep all the data accessible to you at any time while using this app.

Download:- Android | iOS

Keepass Password Manager

Keepass password manager

If you don’t want to remember many passwords, you can think about using Keepass as a dedicated password manager. You can make sure that you are using Keepass to store your web server’s passwords, email account, network logins, and many other platforms securely with this offline password manager’s help. Once you start using this tool, you will not encounter any problems.

Download:- Android | iOS

Keep these facts in mind and make sure you use the best offline password manager.

FAQ about offline password manager

Is there an offline password manager?

To our knowledge, 1Password is the only password manager that allows households to pay for only the number of users they require, and it also has offline features. The monthly fee starts at $4.99 for a group of five people and goes up by $1 per person.

Where is it safe to store passwords offline?

One option is to use a desktop program like KeePassXC. A master password, key file, or both can be used to protect the encrypted vault storing all of your passwords. 18-Nov-2022

Do password managers store locally?

Desktop-based password managers employ an encrypted vault on the user’s local device, such as a laptop. Passwords saved on a mobile device are device-specific. You will lose access to your sensitive data if you lose your smartphone.


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