5 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Service of 2022

With more than 141 million players worldwide, Minecraft is known for its enormous community. This community meets and plays on myriad Minecraft online servers daily.

While some of these gaming servers are hosted on the players’ systems, others have the support of powerful third-party hosts.

Thanks to that, there is many Minecraft server hosting service provider that even you can use to take your Minecraft house and adventures online. Here is the Top 5 Minecraft server hosting service provider.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Service Provider

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting is a dedicated Minecraft server hosting service provider. They have dedicated hardware specially designed for Minecraft gaming, like high clock speed and SSD hard drives. You can also experience high TPS and lag-free servers. – Visit


  1. 24/7 online servers with 99.99 uptime.
  2. Complete access to FTP and MySQL databases
  3. Java and bedrock edition server compatible
  4. You can start hosting Minecraft within 5 minutes
  5. It offers more than 200+ one-click installations of Mudpacks


You can instantly set up your Minecraft gaming server with ScalaCube. It has one-click installation features that allow you to host your Minecraft gaming server instantly without special help. In addition, the simple and easy-to-use user control panel allows you to set up an unlimited game server with an unlimited game slot under a single VPS server. – Visit


  1. You can manage and monitor an unlimited number of online players on the server.
  2. Full admin server access to files
  3. Take regular offsite backups of your gaming server.
  4. You can access your server through the launcher and connect players to your gaming server.
  5. High customizable launcher design. Customize your launcher as per your requirements.


The perfect Minecraft hosting server for the Java and Bedrock versions. You can experience the dynamic RAM-based server model, which also comes with pre-installed 250+ modpacks on the server. – Visit


  1. Dynamic RAM base server module
  2. GPORTAL offers support for both Minecraft Java and Bedrock version
  3. Provide support for Custom Jar
  4. Free access to FTP and MySQL databases
  5. Pre-installed 250+ modes.
  6. Dedicated DDoS protection and “Corero” protection
  7. Live customer support system via phone, ticket, forum wiki, and e-mail

ZAP hosting

Zap hosting is a leading gaming server hosting company from Germany. It offers hosting services for more than 100+ games, including Minecraft. The company has worldwide server network locations in Europe, the USA, South America, Asia, to Australia. It is a fully automatic server, and you can easily access to server after set up. – Visit


  1. Good Uptime
  2. Fast server hardware with low latency
  3. Easy-to-use user interface
  4. Easy to use with TCAdmin or Multicraft
  5. Powerful DDoS protection


Yet another popular game hosting service provider for Minecraft. You can host both types of Minecraft games, Java and Bedrock versions. Instant backup, all mod packs, Unlimited NVMe SSD storage, and bandwidth.


  1. Automatic update and nodding
  2. Full FTP access
  3. Offer Dedicated IP support
  4. 100% uptime
  5. Low Latency
  6. DDOS Protection
  7. Multicraft CP


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