The Best 11 Free Messaging Apps For Desktop

When working on your computer, you would not want to look at the mobile phone to go ahead with messaging. Instead, you will prefer to have messaging capabilities on the computer itself.

Here is where you must take a look at the best messaging apps for desktops available out there. You can discover numerous such apps that you can use for the desktop. However, picking one can be overwhelming. That’s why we thought of recommending the best messaging app for desktops.

Best Free Messaging Apps For Desktop

Element messaging apps for desktop

Element - 11 Best Messaging Apps For Desktop

Element is ideal for people looking for a messaging app that delivers a secure messaging experience. You will have complete control over ads and data mining while using Element. It will also help you speak to any person via the global Matrix network.

Download:- Element

Signal messaging apps for desktop

Signal Messaging Apps

You should install the Signal on your phone and computer for the use of Signal. It offers compatibility for Desktop, Mobile, and tablets. Multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS, are compatible with Signal. It offers you a simple messaging experience on a minimalist interface.

Download:- Signal

Pidgin IM Client for desktop

Pidgin IM client for desktop

Pidgin is a comprehensive chat network available for you to get. You will get numerous advanced features, such as buddy icons, away messages, typing notifications, and custom smileys. You can use this app for free, and there aren’t any ads.

Download:- Pidgin

Telegram for desktop

Telegram for desktop

Telegram was able to transform the way how people message each other. If you find the number one option among desktop messaging apps, Telegram can be an excellent option to be included in the list. It offers full encryption to your messages. Hence, you can keep peace of mind while you are using Telegram at all times. On the other hand, you can get unlimited storage on the Telegram cloud.

Download:- Telegram

Wire messaging apps for desktop

Wire - 11 Best Messaging Apps For Desktop

The wire is an upcoming messaging app for all the people looking for Mac’s best chat client. You can find advanced security features in this app. On top of that, the app has the design to deliver a perfect user experience at all times.

Download:- Wire

One Chat messaging apps

One Chat - 11 Best Messaging Apps For Desktop

If you want to go for an all-in-one messaging app, there is no better choice available in the market to consider than One Chat. That’s because One Chat will help you combine Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Google, and many more. In addition, you can also get a personalized messaging experience with the help of this app.

Download:- One Chat

Discord for desktop

Discord for desktop

Discord is the ultimate Chat messaging app you can get on your desktop. Regardless of why you need to chat with others, it is possible to use Discord and get its functionality. In addition, this Chat messaging app offers some robust functionality, which can deliver all the support its users need to get work done.

Download:- Discord

Viber for desktop

Viber - 11 Best Messaging Apps For Desktop

You can secure free calls and messages with the help of Viber. One of Viber’s best things is that you can download it to your desktop computer as standalone software. Then you can experience the functionality offered with it. Furthermore, since this is free software, you can use Viber without keeping any second thoughts in mind.

Download:- Viber

Skype for desktop

Skype - 11 Best Messaging Apps For Desktop

Skype has been there as a popular video calling app for a more extended period. Here are the best desktop messaging apps you can think about using for chat purposes. You can easily create groups on Skype and then take forward your group chats without facing any struggles. No matter what, you will fall in love with the overall functionality that Skype can offer to make your life easy.

Download:- Skype

Line for desktop

Line - 11 Best Messaging Apps For Desktop

The Line is a free messaging app that is quite popular among Asians. However, people in all parts of the world will use Line and get the work done. You can get Line on numerous devices along with a desktop. Hence, looking for the best desktop messaging apps will look at Line and get the work done.

Download:- Line

WhatsApp for desktop

WhatsApp - 11 Best Messaging Apps For Desktop

WhatsApp is among the most popular messaging apps available for desktops. You can get the dedicated WhatsApp app installed on your desktop. Or else, you can open WhatsApp on your web browser. No matter what, WhatsApp will be able to deliver a perfect experience to you when you are trying to get your job done with secure messaging.

Download:- WhatsApp

These are the best desktop messaging apps that you can use. First, ensure that all other people you want to chat with are using one of these apps. Then you will be able to get that specific app and start using it without keeping a doubt in mind.


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