10 Best Mac Business Apps for Every Entrepreneur

All Businesses depend on modern technology and apps. From winning new customers to working with colleagues, clients, and freelancers worldwide.

It is not easy to imagine a professional environment without tech and apps playing a crucial role.

Social media is integral to that, especially when generating new inbound web traffic, sales leads, and customers.

Here are the ten best Mac business apps for Entrepreneur to improve your business performance and take him to the next level.

Best Mac Business Apps for Entrepreneur

Scheduler for Mac

Scheduler for Mac

A scheduler is a small scheduling utility tool for mac that allow scheduling reminders, application, and AppleScript applet launches. It automatically downloads Web pages or files using a web browser.


Diarly for Mac

Diarly for Mac

Diarly is a personal journal, diary, and note-taking app for mac. The app allows for tracking personal milestones, recording fun moments, and sharpening your writing skills. In addition, it makes the daily habit of journaling simple, secure, and delightful.


Paper for Mac

Paper for Mac

Paper is a minimalist text editor for Mac that gives a silky smooth typing experience with a highly customizable user interface. It easily syncs with iCloud and has minimal markdown formatting. It also automatically publish draft to Medium, WordPress, or Ghost platform or export draft to PDF, HTML, RTF format, or clipboard.

Paper App

FindInFiles for Mac

FindInFiles for Mac

It’s a Mac app that uses a context menu to find text in files and easily edit the recovered text in external editors like UltraEdit, Sublime Text, EditPlus, EmEditor, VIM, Notepad++, AcroEdit, DesyEdit, Crimson Editor, SciTE, EditPad, etc.


Trello for Mac

Trello for Mac

Trello is a kenban style online list-making tool for collaboration that organizes and prioritizes complete work into customizable cards and boards. It helps to manage to-do lists. Create cards with tasks and drag them across the board according to the project’s progress. It offers all required information at a glance by adding checklists, labels, and deadlines to every card.


Textify for Mac

Textify - Mac Business Apps for Entrepreneur

Textify analyzes images, recognizes text in any language, and creates PDF files with the text and images integrated into such a way that the files are searchable. Very useful and powerful for managing documents. The tool works offline, and no need to use any server to create PDF. It is 100% work on the device.


Donemax AppRemover for Mac

Donemax AppRemover for Mac

Donemax AppRemover is a free Mac uninstaller to uninstall the apps from Mac and remove all related files of the app. Easy to remove all apps that take up too much disk space and consume too many resources. Also easy to uninstall applications one by one or in batches, then clean up all related files, including app junk, logs, cookies, register files, and Cache data.

Donemax AppRemover

PDFsam for Mac

PDFsam - Mac Business Apps for Entrepreneur

PDFsam is an easy-to-use tool to merge and split PDF documents. The graphical user interface develops in Java Swing, and it provides functions to select files and set options. PDFsam is based on the iText library.


SubEthaEdit for Mac

SubEthaEdit - Mac Business Apps for Entrepreneur

SubEthaEdit is a lean yet straightforward text editor. Moreover, it is the only collaborative one that useful. Combining the ease of Bonjour with the world’s best text collaboration engine makes working together not only possible but even fun.


OnePile for Mac

OnePile - Mac Business Apps for Entrepreneur

A workplace for all your ideas and documents. Please put all your notes and files into OnePile workspaces and securely sync with them from multiple devices without the need for a central server. All data transfer between the OnePile workspace and your devices are end to end encrypted, So data always safe and secure.


Manta for Mac

Manta - Mac Business Apps for Entrepreneur

It is an invoicing desktop app with custom-designed & highly customizable templates. All invoicing forms are flexible, making it easy to turn on/off the field and save as default settings. Easy drag and drop for reordering form items make editing more easier.



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