10 Free FTP Client for Mac Users

If you are a webmaster or non-techie who prefers a quick download from time to time, you need a solid, full-featured FTP client for Mac. FTP Client helps you interact with your web servers and allows you to upload and download your scripts and files to and from your website.

You can also upload files to your web host using the control panel provided by your hosting provider. However, uploading them via an FTP client is simple and user-friendly as you get various options. So today, we will share some useful free FTP client for Mac.

Free FTP Clients for Mac
Free FTP Clients for Mac

Free FTP Client For Mac

Dropzone – Free Mac FTP

Let’s say you want to upload your files to your web host, Amazon server, or any web host like Flickr or ImageShack.

Dropzone is a free FTP client for mac to complete your daily job. One unique feature of dropzone is that you can create circles of your favorite websites or web hosts where you frequently keep your uploading data.

Just drag and drop the files in your desired circles. It will show you the most used apps in these circles too. You can add different applications to the dropzone grid to take up too much space on the desktop.

You can add more extensions to the dropzone of your choice, and if you know about developing extensions, you can develop one yourself.  – Dropzone

Dragster – Best Mac FTP Clients

Dragster is a Premium FTP Client for MAC. You can easily drag and drop your files to the dragster icon placed on your Dock.

Dragster transfers all your files with the help of email and transfers files to various remote servers, copies them to your iDisk, or copy/move files anywhere on your local drives.

If you want to send files through Bluetooth, you can use a dragster. If you want to upload photos and videos to your flicker, Picasa, and YouTube account, you can easily upload them through dragster. – Dragster


Easily drag and drop your files to your web server with the help of the FileChute FTP Client for Mac. Once your files have been uploaded to your web server, you will be provided a link to access them.

You can use the link to share your file with your employees or friends. So this will make it easy for your friends or employees to retrieve that file on their computers.

If you want to upload multiple folders, you can easily make it possible, as FileChute will automatically create archives of your folders in your chosen format. – FileChute

CloudApp – Free Macintosh FTP Client

Share all your files, music videos, and audio clips with the help of cloud apps. Just drag your file to the menu bar, and your file will be automatically uploaded to your web server.

CloudApp will automatically generate a link for the file uploaded and be copied on your clipboard, so you need to send it to your friends so they can access it.

You can also view or delete your files from the menu bar.  – CloudApp

Courier – Free FTP Client for Mac

Courier is a beautifully designed free mac FTP client that allows you to drag and drop your files to your web server.

It helps you share your files, images, photos, and movies with your favorite social networking sites like Facebook or Flickr.

You can upload your files to multiple destinations simultaneously with the help of a courier. Choose from various add-ons available to make better use of this software. – Courier 

3Hub – Free Mac FTP Client

Easily manage your files with your web server or your Amazon s3 account using 3Hub. If you have multiple s3 accounts, you can use them simultaneously on 3Hub.

You can also line up the files and directories you wish to upload to your web server. If you want to set some specified permissions for the files you will upload, you can use the Auto Apply feature, and all your future uploads will get your desired permissions.

You can also easily access the software with the drag-and-drop feature. – 3Hub

Transmit 4 – Best FTP Client for Mac

Transmit 4 is the latest software version of Transmit. It is one of the best FTP Clients available out there for MAC.

Transmit four is based on a twin-turbo engine that delivers up to 25 times faster than normal. If you want to mount any disk image and upload it on your web server, you can use the latest addition, i.e., Transmit Disk feature.

You can even upload your files directly from Photoshop to the amazon s3 server and drag-drop files to your web hosting easily. – Transmit

Cyberduck – Free FTP Client for Mac

You can easily upload your files to your web servers with the help of the Cyberduck FTP client.

Cyberduck is an open-source FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, Rackspace Cloud Files & Amazon S3 browser for Mac and Windows. If you want to edit any text file, use the inbuilt editor for faster operations.

You can configure CDN and Amazon servers per your requirements for easy and faster uploading of files worldwide.

You can also view the history of all the connections you made for uploading your data on a web host in Cyberduck. – Cyberduck

Forklift 2 – Best Free FTP Client

Forklift 2 is the most Advanced FTP and SFTP client available for MAC. It allows you to transfer your files through FTP to your web hosts, SFTP, and Amazon s3 servers. You can easily manage your files from anywhere in the world with Forklift 2.

If you want to edit your files remotely, you can do it very easily, and your files will be saved and automatically uploaded to your web server. You can also easily transfer your data on an FXP Copy server with Forklift 2. – ForkLift 2

FireFTP – free macintosh FTP client

It is one of the best FTP Clients for Mac. You can easily sync your files and folders with other machines while navigating them.

FireFTP is available in multiple languages. You can choose from 20 different languages. In addition, you can hash your files for better security, remotely edit them, and even drag-drop your files directly using FireFTP.

If you want to decrease your files’ size, you can compress them easily using Mode Z. It’s open-source software, so if you have any ideas regarding the improvement of the software, you can share them with the FireFTP community. – FireFTP

FAQ about Free FTP Client for Mac

What is an FTP client?

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client is software that allows users to send and receive files from a remote server.

What is a free FTP client for Mac?

A free FTP client for Mac is a free software tool that can use on a Mac to transmit files between the machine and a remote server.

Is it safe to use a free FTP client?

Even if there is no risk in using a free FTP client, you should still do your homework and only get the programme from a trusted source to be on the safe side.

Can a free FTP client be used to transfer large files?

Transferring huge files with a free FTP client is possible, but it could take longer than usual.


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