10 Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

Android mobile phones in today’s world come along with smart and powerful cameras. Hence, you will be able to use these mobile phones to get all your photography-related requirements catered.

When you are using such an app, you will not have to worry about getting a professional DSLR camera. However, it would help if you also thought about getting the best DSLR apps for Android, which can unlock your camera and reach the maximum potential.

Here is where you should look at the list of following DSLR apps available for your Android device.

Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom - Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

Most of the professional photographers who use DSLR cameras are using Adobe Lightroom to enhance the photos that they capture.

You can think about doing the same for the photos you are capturing with your mobile phone camera. Here is where you should think about downloading Adobe Lightroom to your Android device.

It will help you gain access to most of the editing features that come with the original Adobe Lightroom app.

Download:- Android

Camera MX – DSLR Camera Apps For Android

Camera MX - Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

Camera MX is a camera app, which can unlock numerous features in the camera and provide you with a better photography and videography experience.

The same reason has tempted more than 20 million people worldwide to download this app. Apart from capturing high-quality photos, you can use Camera MX to enhance the camera features.

For example, you can get numerous filters, burst mode enabled, and even live photos enabled on the Android device.

Download:- Android

Magic ARRI Viewfinder Apps For Android

Magic ARRI Viewfinder Apps

If you wish to get the experience of using your DSLR camera along with numerous lenses right on your mobile device, you should be taking a look at Magic ARRI ViewFinder.

You can think about calling this as a digital viewfinder app available for any director to use. It is offering support to numerous camera models. You can experiment with different presets while using the app.

Download:- Android

qDSLRDashboard for Android

qDSLRDashboard - Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

You can enhance the functionality you are getting out of your DSLR camera with the support offered by qDslrDashboard.

That’s because you can get the complete DSLR dashboard displayed right on your mobile device. It will provide you with access to all the features, such as previewing images, live view, remote capture, and setting changes.

The connection created between your DSLR and qDslrDashboard app is smooth and useful.

Download:- Android

Pixtica Camera+ – Best DSLR Camera Apps For Android

Pixtica Camera - Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

If you are searching to download the camera apps for Android, Pixtica Camera is an app that you must think about getting at all times.

Textures, filters, and effects made available to you with this app are impressive. On the other hand, you can secure an authentic experience with the manual mode in this camera.

You can also capture portrait photos, panorama photos, or even GIF images with the help of Pixtica Camera.

Download:- Android

Snapseed For Android

Snapseed - Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

While looking for DSLR apps for Android, you should take a look at Snapseed as well. Google developed this app.

It is a comprehensive photo editor available for you to use. You can get 19 different filters and tools to use and edit your photos with this app’s help. You can open up RAW files as well as JPG files with Snapseed.

Download:- Android

DSLR HD Camera For Android

DSLR HD Camera - Best DSLR Camera apps for Android

Among the highest quality camera apps for Android, you can find the name of DSLR HD Camera.

That’s because it can help you with capturing high-quality photos at any given time. On the other hand, capturing high-quality videos will become an easy thing to do with a DSLR HD Camera.

You can end up creating amazing photos through its support.

Download:- Android

Beauty Camera for Android

Beauty Camera

Beauty Camera designs to help you look beautiful in the photos that you take. To solve this problem, it offers numerous available features.

For example, you can make your face smooth and look more beautiful by removing wrinkles and acne. On the other hand, you can use Beauty Camera and whiten your skin to make it look gorgeous.

The best thing about all these filters available with Beauty Camera is that you can use them while viewing the live camera. Hence, you can pick the best look and capture the photos you want with ease.

Download:- Android

Camera FV-5 Lite For Android

Camera FV-5 Lite - DSLR Camera apps for Android

Camera FV-5 Lite is a professional camera app available for Android smartphone users.

You will be able to adjust the parameters used at the time of taking photos with the help of this app.

On the other hand, you can access a viewfinder, which will look pretty much similar to a DSLR camera with the app. You will be impressed with the fast performing speed of this app.

Download:- Android

Open Camera – DSLR Camera Apps for Android

Open Camera

Open Camera is a completely free camera available for you to use. However, the camera is offering some useful and helpful features such as auto image stabilization.

You can also get numerous color effects, scene modes, and ISO exposure with this camera’s support. The remote control features are quite useful.

Download:- Android

Get the best app out of these, and you will not come across the need to use a DSLR.


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