The Best Free Beauty Apps for Android in 2021

We all are concerned about our beauty and appearance. We tend to pay a lot of attention to our good looks before uploading a picture to social media.

It is where the best beauty apps will be able to assist you. You can transform your appearance with the support of an app and upload the pictures on social media to get all the attention. Here are some of the leading best beauty apps for Android that you can consider.

Best Beauty Apps for Android in 2020

Daily Beauty Care

Daily Beauty Care - best beauty apps for Android

Any person looking for the best beauty apps should have the Daily Beauty Care app installed on their mobiles. That’s because it will share some tips to enhance your natural beauty.

When you improve your natural beauty, you don’t need to seek the assistance of any apps or filters to enhance the beauty artificially. Daily Beauty Care app will share useful tips on improving appearance by overcoming numerous beauty-related problems such as dandruff, puffy eyes, dry hands, and dandruff.

Android App

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera

B612 - Beauty & Filter Camera - best beauty apps for Android

B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera will help you to capture the most stunning photos of yourself. You can add beauty filters into the camera and capture photos. Moreover, a large number of post-editing features are available to you with this app to enhance beauty. For example, you can create photo collages and add stickers to the photos you make with this app’s help. If you have any defects on your skin, you can use the B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera app and get rid of them with just a tap.

Android App

Snow Beauty App

Snow Beauty App - best beauty apps for Android

Snow is the best beauty apps for Android. That’s because the app provides you with the support needed to enhance the beauty of photos through the introduction of custom beauty effects. Before you upload any of your selfies on social media, you will come across the need to use the SNOW app and enhance its beauty. There are thousands of stickers available for you to use along with the app as well. You can also explore them while using the app.

Android App

Pretty Makeup

Pretty Makeup - best beauty apps for Android

Pretty Makeup is a selfie camera app that can add numerous beauty effects to the photos you capture. There are tons of makeup effects available for you to pick and use out of this app. You don’t need to spend too much time along with this app to enhance your photos’ beauty. That’s because the app offers an automated beautification functionality, where you can improve the beauty of your images with just a single tap.

Android App


Perfect365 - best beauty apps for Android

Perfect365 is another beauty app that can help you to secure a one-tap makeover. It is one of the best beauty apps with millions of active users. The main feature you can discover in this app is providing you with over 20 other beauty and makeup tools. You can explore with them and customize your appearance according to the way you want. For example, the Perfect365 app will help you experiment with lipsticks, liners, shadows, and many more.

Android App

YouFace Makeup

YouFace Makeup - best beauty apps for Android

Any person can use the YouFace Makeup app and enhance beauty within a matter of a few seconds. That’s because the app is capable of delivering numerous powerful makeup editor tools. You can experiment with those makeup tools and boost your appearance within a matter of a few seconds.

For example, the YouFace Makeup app will help you with getting flawless skin. You can also remove the shine out of your skin and end up getting a natural look on your photos. A dedicated hair changer is available through this app to transform the appearance of your hair.

Android App

Pixl beauty app for android


Pixl is a dedicated face photo editing app available for you to use. You can retouch your photos with the assistance offered by this app and remove all blemishes immediately.

A fantastic feature that you can find in this app is that it pays attention to details. Hence, you can create a stunning photo to upload on all your social media profiles without thinking twice.

Android App



Bestie app will offer real-time beautifying effects to you. Hence, you can experiment with different beautification effects and capture the best photos to upload on social media with the assistance of it.

It will help you with the contour shaping your face as well. Hence, you can quickly transform your appearance and make yourself look stunning. If there are pimples, blemishes, or acne on your face, you can get rid of them and capture photos with Bestie’s support. You can get your hands on more than 100 different filters designed for portrait selfies through this app.

Android App

Beauty Camera

Beauty Camera

This Beauty Camera app offers numerous photo editing tools, focusing on providing you with the support needed to add beautification effects to the photos.

You can discover a large number of filters offered via this app. You can add the many Effects into pictures with ease and transform the appearance conveniently.

Android App

Sweet Snap

Sweet Snap

If you are interested in taking the sweetest photos of yourself, Beauty Camera is the perfect app available out there to consider. There are numerous face filters available to you with this app. You have the freedom to contribute towards the appearance of photos based on the theme.

For example, you can add filters based on portraits, scenery, and food. The real-time beauty effects will be able to help you with enhancing your beauty with ease. You can even add funny live camera effects into the photos with the support offered by Beauty Camera.

Android App

Pick the best beauty apps out of these, and you will be able to transform your photos’ appearance with ease. You can upload those photos to your social media accounts and grab the attention of your followers.


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