10 Best Applicant Tracking Software for Businesses

Applicant Tracking software is a software solution for companies to efficiently manage hiring by holding a database of applicants and job information.

It is one of the best solutions to save time and valuable resources in talent acquisition. While underlying ATS has been around since 1991, the last decade has seen a vast technological leap within a short period.

Let’s take a moment to understand these effective systems a little better before digging into the crowded market to identify the top 10 Applicant Tracking Software for 2020.

10 Best Applicant Tracking Software

Oracle Taleo

Oracle taleo

Oracle Taleo is a Cloud-based software that gives you options for talent acquisition, improvement, and retention. With complete automation of recruiting methods, you can change them to suit any enterprise’s needs.


  1. Simple recruitment marketing
  2. Improved employee referrals with the help of social media tools
  3. Get access to your data at any time from anywhere.
  4. Smooth cooperation with Microsoft Outlook, My Yahoo, and iGoogle



Bullhorn - 10 Best Applicant Tracking Software

A bullhorn is primarily a cloud-based recruitment software program best suited for staffing and recruitment processes. Being a mobile-friendly software program permits quick data entry after any candidate interaction, wherever.


  1. Easy access and secure candidate data.
  2. Allows the addition of notes to records.
  3. Easy to track all email interactions with any specific candidate.
  4. Real-time updating of records.
  5. System access to Linkedin records.


IBM Kenexa BrassRing


IBM Kenexa BrassRing is a cloud-based ATS solution that draws on conducting marketing to attract new talent and engage talent proactively. The sIn addition, their program supplies many recruitment options for a complete management course.


  1. Access to a wide range of talent pools.
  2. Engaging and practical assessments.
  3. Powered by IBM Watson analytics and can thus find the best fit quickly
  4. Optimized for Social Media based recruiting



Jobvite - 10 Best Applicant Tracking Software

Cloud-based and candidate-focused, Jobvite ATS permits social recruiting, creating and administering mobile-optimized professional websites, and onboarding capabilities. Additionally, they have a mobile app for the software and offer specific features for interviews, requisitions, and employee referrals. This solution is best suited for medium and large-size firms.


  1. Simple employee referrals
  2. Automatic screening and Interview based candidate ranking
  3. Mobile-Friendly application processes for candidates
  4. Smart Scheduler – Helps you to schedule multiple interviewers and picks the best time to design a new interview
  5. Single record maintained for all conversations with a specific candidate across channels.
  6. Search tool to look for candidates by name, keywords, workflow, location, or application date.



SmartRecruiters - 10 Best Applicant Tracking Software

SmartRecruiters is best suited to enterprise Grade needs. The Talent Acquisition Suite comes with Pre Built-in evaluation tools and permits better communication through scheduled notifications and Auto replies.


  1. Strong interaction and collaboration within the hiring team
  2. Simple tracking of message records
  3. Consistency and compliance with the creation of a template library
  4. Personalized tags to manage and coordinate talent pools better
  5. Advanced filter search



iCiMS - 10 Best Applicant Tracking Software

iCIMS Recruit offers solutions for organizations of different sizes catering to various industries. The platform has greater than 4,000 shoppers, together with about 20% of Fortune 100 Firms. Additionally, it comprises its Recruitment Advertising and marketing Suite, Superior Communications Suite, Hiring Suite, and UNIFi – iCIMS’ ecosystem of built-in associate services and products.


  1. Management of job ads.
  2. Better hunts through collaboration with Google and social media.
  3. Personalized dashboards with real-time insights.
  4. Real-time screening and Assessment results.




Besides providing applicant tracking, Greenhouse offers holistic HR administration to create focused interviews and a culture free of bias. This software system can be adapted for any team size and accessed via the mobile app.


  1. Easy to track daily performance by using candidate scorecards.
  2. Simple yet easy-to-customize assessment plans for interviewers to evaluate the proper skillset and qualifications
  3. Easy to customize career pages, job boards, and email templates.
  4. A simplified form of reports



BambooHR - 10 Best Applicant Tracking Software

BambooHR provides solutions ideal for small and midsize businesses. A mobile app to enable easy access offers tools for onboarding, e-signatures, attendance tracking, and performance management.


  1. User Friendly and easy to learn
  2. Natural methods for candidates to follow and easy onboarding
  3. Customizable email templates and message scheduling for multiple candidates.
  4. Alliance with job boards and social media.


SAP SuccessFactors


SAP SuccessFactors provides a holistic, cloud Based HR management system from sourcing, screening, and onboarding to payroll management, employee engagement, and performance metrics. In addition, specialized recruiting software enables all processes of the recruiting cycle.


  1. centralize global job recruiting tools.
  2. Connect with over 4,000 job boards, social media portals, and campuses from 80 countries worldwide.
  3. Easy to create a responsive, user-friendly career site
  4. Effective candidate relationship management
  5. Give you an online offer letter and E-signature solutions.



Workable - 10 Best Applicant Tracking Software

Workable is a holistic recruiting tool that can be easily accessible from desktop and mobile. This system provides easy single-point access to candidate profiles, team communications, interview schedules, and scorecards.


  1. Secure your data with access rights for the hiring team
  2. Smooth reporting lines with a role assignment, job creation, and posting.
  3. Help you to manage personal privacy.
  4. Daily reports are generated on productivity and activity for the hiring team.
  5. With just a single click, you can post on multiple job sites.
  6. Email calendar Sync.



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