The 7 Best Android Planning Apps to Plan Your Workday

With high-end smartphones taking a vast space in our lives, there is hardly anything that cannot be accomplished by the apps. From planning out a schedule to fixing meetings, everything can be done by these smartphones in the blink of an eye.

7 Best Android Planning Apps

What is more surprising is that there are new apps in the market for fulfilling every need of an individual. Speaking of smartphones, the first thing that comes to our mind is Android-powered Mobile smartphones. They have come a long way, and there is no app today that is not available for your Android Mobiles.

Best Android Planning Apps

Schedule Planner Apps for Android

The Schedule Planner app helps you to stay on top of your busy schedule. It helps you to get organized much faster than any other app in the market. You can now plan your entire day within a few minutes and enjoy it during your day.

You can do more when you have a plan to follow, and this app was a plan by keeping in mind the same. Easy-to-use yet straightforward UI allows you to take charge of all the essential tasks and activities that need to be complete within that particular time.

Most importantly, Schedule Planner also follows the goals that you have already accomplished during the day. The “Planned versus Actual” tab keeps a record of all the priorities you need to finish and already complete.

For people who are busy throughout the day, different categories are using to schedule their tasks efficiently. You can also set the desired start and end times for each goal and even set alarms and reminders for each task. – Schedule Planner

Daily Planner Apps for Android

This app is in the form of a to-do list that helps you arrange and follow tasks based on those to be completed within a particular day. It is straightforward to use as a memo, a calendar, or a scheduler.

In this app, the tasks are organized based on a few categories and groups. There is a password feature to keep your schedule private. It also allows you to share your schedule with other Android users while also giving you the added advantage of data backup.

The multi-colored display style of the Daily Planner app further adds a fresh look to your daily to-do list of activities. – Daily Planner

Assignment Planner Pro for Android

With this app, it is impossible to miss a due date again. Yes, you can now keep an active record of all your homework, assignments, courses, projects, grades, and daily classes.

It helps you sort your work based on their due dates and set reminders to notify you about the emerging due dates. It also marks the tasks once they are finished. With this app, you can also record your grades and GPAs.

It is user-friendly and is most appropriate for all the students. The Assignment Planner Pro app keeps you informed of your daily tasks and helps you stay on top of all your competitors. – Assignment Planner PRO

My Homework Student Planner Apps

The app has a modern design and simple user interface that gives you a gorgeous appearance and hence makes it more attractive to be used by one and all.

You can also serve your task without using any internet connections. This app is in the market since the year 2009, but it still manages to gain public support due to its increased reliability and the ability to schedule an individual’s life.

Due to its extensive features and usability, The app has managed to be on the top list of many websites on the web. – myHomework Student Planner

ToDo Calendar Planner Apps for Android

ToDo Calendar Planner is Android Planning Apps that allows you to schedule and manage batch operations. It also comes with a fully scrollable calendar.

It holds all the activities to be completed within a day, a week, a month, and within a year. Apart from merely scheduling the tasks, you can also define your personal goals connected with your assignments.

Along with your tasks, you can create your notes and pictures and stick them together. It also allows you to set multiple reminders for every task on your calendar.

You will get organized by dividing your tasks into several subtasks using the To-Do Calendar Planner app. The ability to attach the Google Maps location with your tasks is not available in any other schedule planner app. – To-Do Calendar Planner

Pan Planner Apps for Android

The Pan Planner is a to-do list and calendar app for android that allows you to double-check the tasks and appointments that you have to accomplish within a day.

The app allows you to have instant access to your to-do list and have a closer look at all the tasks that you need to accomplish. You can now manage your schedule on the priority of the tasks.

There is a View list and View Calendar that help in managing your schedule according to the time. Hence, time management is also taken care of by this app. Tasks to be completed within a year can be a plan and scheduled using this app. It also allows you to send and receive pictures, schedules, and memos with your friends.

Caros Calendar Android Planning Apps

Caros Calendar planner app serves as a personal diary for planning your schedules. It consists of a wide array of calendars for planning your weekly, monthly, and yearly tasks.

Also available are the home screen widgets that help you in managing your schedule more efficiently. Birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, weddings, etc., everything will be cover by this app.

There is no way you can ever miss an event or refrain from doing a task once you have this app installed on your Android device. It also offers the facility for maintaining backup and for setting a password for your schedule planner. – Caros Calendar


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