The Best Free Android GPS Tracking Apps

GPS tracking refers to Global Positioning Systems’ use to determine the exact geographic position/ location of a place, person, vehicle, or any other assets. GPS is capable of recording the location of assets at regular intervals as well.

Tracking via GPS has gained massive popularity in recent times, with smartphones buzzing with this unique and powerful feature. Over time, many reforms have been brought in this tracking application.

Today GPS is available on iPhone, Blackberry as well as Android smartphones, and other high-end gadgets. In this section, we are introducing the eight best Android GPS tracking apps.

Best Free Android GPS Tracking Apps


Glympse GPS tracking app is the easiest and the most basic way of sharing your geographical location with someone. There is no need to access any social network or to sign up. You have to choose the length of time you want the recipient to view your location.

The recipient will receive a link that will allow them to see your ETA, i.e., Estimated Time of Arrival. Once the timer expires, the recipient can no longer track your location.

Moreover, there is no need for any software to view your Glympse. You can send a Glympse via Facebook, Twitter, and SMS, and an internet connection is the only requirement for viewing it. – Glympse

MapMyRun GPS Running

MapMyRun GPS Running is the most suitable android GPS tracking app for runners, joggers, and walkers belonging to all age groups and all ability levels.

It is now possible to track the distance covered, the pace of running, calories burned, time consumed with audio alerts, and many more. In other words, this is the most innovative GPS tracking app for android made to date.

All you need to do is press the start button once you start running, walking, or jogging. This tracking app will calculate your route, speed, calories as well as distance covered per minute. – MapMyRun

WAY GPS Phone Tracking

WAY GPS Phone Tracking is the most advanced GPS tracking app displaying the location and other related information without icons. It is necessary for Android 3.1 and above users to reboot their smartphones once this tracking app is downloaded. You can now locate your family, friends, vehicles as well as employees secretly.

The app works silently, hence giving you maximum privacy. Apart from all this, it capable of locating more than a single device in one go. So now, you can track a mobile phone silently and access the details on your web browser. WAY GPS Phone Tracking is also available for Blackberry devices. – WAY GPS

Open GPS Tracker

Open GPS Tracker is another smart GPS tracking app for android that can store your GPS locations and, hence, helps track down your travels on your Android smartphone or any other Android device. You can share your site through KMZ and GPX formats and summarize it to serve as a tweet. Moreover, you can also take notes from your travels with pictures, audio, texts, and videos. GPS Tracking just got better and smarter with Open GPS Tracker. – Open GPS Tracker

Real-Time GPS Tracker

It is now possible to show your family and friends’ precise geographical location on the Google map. Yes, this app is more than a GPS tracker. It is capable of sharing your real-time sites with your loved ones. Simultaneously, your family and friends can also share their locations with you. However, you and your friends/ family need to have this tracking app installed to see each other’s sites. You will be able to share your locations while running, walking, biking, paragliding, hiking, or while only traveling by train or bus. – Real-Time GPS Tracker

GPS Tracking

This excellent GPS tracking app can locate your exact positions instantly within a minute or two. It helps you make sure that your friends, family, and most importantly, your kids are safe everywhere and every time. Due to this app’s peculiar features, it is considered the next generation of GPS tracking apps. Being widely used by people worldwide, this app is often referred to as the Family GPS Tracker. Most importantly, you can track one phone for seven whole days using this app, a feature not found in any other app to date. Apart from this, it also shows the call and SMS history for these seven consecutive days. – GPS tracking

GPS – Tracks for Android

This particular Android GPS tracking app is designed for tracking while hiking, theme trails, snow trail tours, cycling trips, sightseeing tours, MTB, ski tours, and a lot more. This app runs on all Android smartphones and other Android devices from version 2.1 and above. Additionally, Topo maps are available from the European alpine regions. When I moved to the background, this tracking app continues to work, but it may discharge your device sooner than usual. – GPS-Tracks for Android

Maverick – GPS Navigation

With Maverick GPS Navigation, you can now track offline maps’ locations without the need for any internet connection. This app is common for outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, GEO-caching, and many more. It uses multiple regional as well as global online apps for tracking purposes.

You can also share both your current as well as planned positions. Record of all the places that you visited can also be maintained using this app.  – Maverick


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