The Best Free Alternative Apps For SHAREit | Best SHAREit Alternative

SHAREit is one of the best file-sharing applications available out there for mobile users. It gives you the freedom to share any file on your mobile with another person within a few seconds.

It is faster when compared to Bluetooth and over the internet file transfers. However, SHAREit is not the only app that can help you with it. There are numerous alternatives available for this app.

If you are searching for the best choice for SHAREit, you may look at it. All you need to do is to go through this list of options and pick the best one.

Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

Files Go – Best SHAREit Alternative

Files Go - Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

Files Go an app that is managed by Google. Therefore, you can trust the app and start using it. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that this is not an app that you will use as a natural alternative to the SHAREit App.

That’s because the main objective is to assist the people with cleaning up space on their phones. However, you will be able to get a feature in the app, which will help you share files without using a data connection.

Download:- Android | iOS

Send Anywhere – Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is a perfect alternative to the SHAREit app available for you to consider. You can use this app and transfer the files without impacting the original files.

Files that you transfer is encrypted. That’s because a 6-digit key is uses for every file transfer. Hence, you can even think about sharing your personal and sensitive information with this app’s help.

Download:- Android | iOS

Zapya – SHAREit Alternative

Zapya - Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

When you are using Zapya, it allows you to share any file quickly. Apart from sharing files that store on your mobile device, you may look at this app to share apps and music playlists. The file transfers will occur through Wi-Fi tethering, and there is no need to worry about data costs.

Download:- Android | iOS

SHAREall – Alternative App for SHAREit


SHAREall is an app that can provide you with the utmost versatility with file sharing. You have the chance to share files anywhere with the help of this app.

The user interface of the SHAREall app is friendly. It delivers all the support that you need by sharing the files. It can provide a convenient experience for you with file sharing, and there is no need to worry too much about anything.

Download:- Android | iOS

MX ShareKaro – Best SHAREit Alternative

MX ShareKaro - Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

MX ShareKaro will help you to get a quick and hassle-free method to share files. There are no limitations in this Share It alternative. Also, you can share files as much as you want. All the file-sharing activities you do with this app’s help will be back up with super-fast speeds.

Download:- Android | iOS

ShareMe – Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

ShareMe - Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

ShareMe is an excellent alternative for SHAREit available for you to consider. The best thing you will notice in this app is its user-friendly interface.

The interface looks minimalist, and you will be able to get the assistance you need with sharing files. While you share files with this app’s help, it will take care of your privacy requirements.

Download:- Android | iOS



Most of the file-sharing apps that you use come with annoying advertisements. If you are looking for an app that can help you to share files without facing any annoying advertisements, JioSwitch will be the best option available to consider. This app is offering compatibility to a variety of file types. It is a cross-platform application. Hence, you can use it and share files with iPhones as well.

Download:- Android | iOS

SuperBeam – SHAREit Alternative

SuperBeam - Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

SuperBeam is one of the most popular Share It alternative options available to consider. The fifth version of this app is available to use as of now.

You can get faster and secure file sharing capabilities out of this app. You can pair the two devices using a QR code at the time of using this app to get your work done.

Download:- Android | iOS

InShare for Android

InShare - Best Alternative Apps For SHAREit

InShare is another best alternative for SHAREit, which you can use and share any document as per your preferences. In other words, you will be able to use this app and share videos, games, music, other files, and even apps that you have installed. The file transfers offered by the tool are high speed. They can deliver a secure experience to you as well.

Download:- Android | iOS

Sweech for Android


Sweech is a wifi-enabled file transfer service that you can think about using as an excellent alternative for the SHAREit application.

You can share the files between smartphones, tablets, and even computers with the help of Sweech. The Sweech app’s interface is self-explanatory, and it will guide you throughout the file sharing process. You need to follow it and get the job done.

Download:- Android | iOS

Now you are aware of all the best alternatives available for the SHAREit application. Go through these options and pick the best one out of them to start using.

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