9 Best AutoHotkey Alternative Apps

AutoHotkey Alternative apps- AutoHotkey is a free and Open Source utility tool for Windows operating system. Using this tool, you will be able to create your macros and apps with the help of just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes.

For this purpose, you can use the Macro recorder or write a keyboard/ mouse macro with your hands.  Also, you can create hotkeys for the mouse, keyboard, and joystick. Interestingly, any combination of keys and buttons can become a hotkey.

Expanding abbreviations and many other functions can be performed by AutoHotkey. However, Recently AutoHotkey sent several tools into retirement.

It unites hotkey and text macros and offers a scripting language that is more powerful than every batch file. So there are a few efficient alternative apps for AutoHotkey. In this post, you will see the nine best alternatives to AutoHotkey.

Best AutoHotkey Alternative Apps

AutoIt – AutoHotkey Alternative Apps

AutoIt is a free scripting language program to automate the GUI for Windows and general scripting. A combination of simulated strokes, control/ window manipulation, and mouse movements will help you automate several tasks that are impossible by any other scripting language.

The setup of AutoIt is very compact and accessible. It runs effortlessly on all the versions of Windows OS and takes no time to get ready for running.

Initially, The software planned to automate and configure several PCs, but its utilities multiplied with time.


  1. Easy to learn BASIC-like syntax
  2. Simulate keystrokes and mouse movements
  3. Interact with all standard windows controls
  4. Manage windows and processes
  5. easy to compile the script into standalone executables
  6. COM support
  7. Unicode and x64 support


WinAutomation – Alternative App for AutoHotkey

Using the WinAutomation tool, you can control and automate any process on your desktop. For example, this utility tool allows the automation of web pages and applications.

With the help of a macro recorder and a web recorder, you will have the fastest and most efficient tool in your hands.

WinAutomation can choose and complete all your web forms by extracting data from your local files while also updating a database with data from your emails.

Extracting data from any web page into an excel sheet/ text file is also allowed by WinAutomation.


  1. Process Designer
  2. Desktop & Web Automation
  3. Macro Recorder
  4. Multitasker
  5. Mouse and Keyboard automation
  6. UI Designer
  7. Email & Excel Automation
  8. Triggers & system monitoring
  9. Auto login
  10. Security
  11. FTP Automation


JitBit Micro Recorder – Alternative for AutoHotkey

The JitBit Macro Recorder is not just another tool for Windows. Instead, it is a sturdy enough automation tool to convert all your macros into similar text files or EXE files.

It is simple to use, and no programming knowledge is required to use JitBit. Furthermore, the EXE files created by it can be successfully run on all versions of Windows.

All you need to do is assign your keyboard/ mouse macros to the hotkeys, and you will be able to run them from all your applications. Also, JitBit is flexible.


  1. Easy to Use
  2. Easy to convert your macro to an EXE file
  3. Accessible
  4. Assign your mouse & keyboard macros to hotkeys and run them from any application.
  5. Smart & Flexible.
  6. Variable playback speed.
  7. Macro recording filters.
  8. Loop the macro playback.
  9. Stealth mode.

Macro Recorder

Macro Express

It’s a premium window macro utility tool. Using this alternative to AutoHotkey, you can easily record, edit, and playback both keyboard and mouse macros.

What makes this tool more productive is its robust nature and powerful features. Macro Express is a set of written instructions or simple mouse actions/ keystrokes.

The speed of using these keystrokes makes them more desirable and easy to use. It also saves the users time and effort as they do not need to repeat tedious tasks.

The wear and tear that our hands and wrists go through can also avoid using Macro Express.


  1. Creating & running a micro
  2. Use the macroscope properties to define when a macro will run or not.
  3. Create multiple macro files

Macro Express

Phrase Express

With Phrase Express, there is no longer the need to type normally used phrases again. That is why it normally uses texts and snippets given by this Macro tool. You can also expand abbreviations using it.

The tasks that have to be frequent can be automated to reduce the time taken by them. For example, all the phrases used repetitively will be auto-completed by this tool.

There is no provision for any spelling mistakes as well. Apart from this, you will also have quick access to the Windows clipboard history.

Phrase Express

AutoKey – Linux AutoHotkey Alternatives Apps

Autokey is an effective desktop macro utility tool for Linux and X11 operating systems. It allows you to build an array of phrases and scripts. You can also assign important hotkeys and abbreviations to these phrases or pieces of text.

AutoKey is also capable of serving the perfect text/ command insertion, depending on the type of application/ program you are using. As an alternative to AutoHotkey for Windows, many of its features are also present in AutoKey.


EventGhost – AutoHotkey Alternatives

EventGhost is an advanced, improved, secure-to-use automation tool for Microsoft Windows. You can use it on several input devices for assigning macros, such as infrared and wireless remote controls.

These devices will do their job by controlling the hardware and running all actions on your computer. It means that a Media PC can easily handle this utility tool with the help of any remote that the user is using.

However, this tool needs to be inspected for its various other uses and benefits.


Action(s) – Personal Automation Assistant

It is known for taking care of all your manual chores and activities that have to repeat. Working with Action(s) is easy, quick, and useful.

The best part is that there is no need to know any scripting language or program code. All you need to do is drag and drop individual steps into your process, and you will create your very own automated workflow.


HotKeyz – AutoHotkey Alternatives

HotKeyz is a convenient keyboard utility that gives a boost to the productivity of your work. It is much faster compared to other tools, and there is no need to use the mouse as well.

It lets you create and maintain an organized list of all your hotkeys to interact with, and you need a command assigned to it.

Since all your repeated tasks will be taken care of by HotKeyz, it will reduce the time and effort used. For more help, you can have this list of categorized hotkeys printed for easy and fast reference.


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