9 Free Augmented Reality Apps for Education on the go

Augmented Reality technology is creeping into mobile apps. We can expect AR to dominate mobile apps in the future because they can deliver an immersive experience to all people who are spending time along with the apps.

You can find AR in the education apps available out there on the internet as well. If you are looking to providing your child with the best educational experience on the go with an AR app, you can look at the following options.

Augmented Reality Apps for Education on the go

Quiver – AR Apps for Education

Quiver - Augmented Reality Apps for Education

The Quiver is a 3D coloring app. If you are a parent looking forward to building the child’s cognitive skills, you should use Quiver. It can provide a unique 3D coloring experience based on AR. Hence, the coloring app is ideal for people in all age categories. There are numerous coloring workbooks available to proceed with coloring on this app. Therefore, it is never a dull app that uses on your mobile.

Download:- Android | iOS

CoSpaces Edu – AR Apps for Education

CoSpaces Edu - Augmented Reality Apps for Education

If you are a teacher looking for AR apps for education, you may look at CoSpaces Edu. It provides you with the chance to create a unique AR world and share that along with students. While using this app will provide an excellent environment for all the students to boost their creativity. Some of the areas covered under this app include languages, social sciences, STEM, and coding.

Download:- Android | iOS

3DBear – Augmented Reality Apps for Education

3DBear - Augmented Reality Apps for Education

You can easily visualize creative thinking with the help of 3DBear. It is one of the most innovative augmented reality apps for education. It provides all young learners’ support to write, read, and boost digital literacy. 3DBear gives users the chance to create a stunning visual story on the app interface to offer that experience.

Download:- Android | iOS

Google Expeditions – Augmented Reality Apps for Education

Google Expeditions

Expeditions are one of the augmented reality apps in education offered by Google. While using this app, you can take your kids on a VR trip. It is providing VR trips in numerous locations around the world. You can take part in the VR trips with your mobile phone. It is also possible to get the interactive guide’s assistance while taking part in the VR trip.

Download:- Android | iOS

Metaverse – AR Apps for Education

Metaverse Augmented Reality Apps

Metaverse is delivering an easy way for parents to develop AR experiences in their kids. The experiences created by Metaverse will help kids to make themselves more familiar with augmented reality. In the meantime, kids will understand how to be mindful of objects and other people around them. It is among the AR apps for education that is sharing fundamental knowledge.

Download:- Android | iOS

Assemblr EDU – AR Apps for Education

Assemblr EDU - Augmented Reality Apps for Education

Assemblr EDU is an app that offers a fun and interactive learning environment for the kids to use. Teachers who use this app will receive the support needed to present their lessons in an interactive 3D form. Assemblr EDU is among the best-augmented reality apps in education as it is supporting a variety of tasks, ranging from history, English, geography, and STEM subjects.

Download:- Android | iOS

LearnLive AR – Augmented Reality Apps

LearnLive AR

You can deliver a unique experimental learning experience to your kids with the help of LearnLive AR. That’s because you are providing the content in textbooks full of interactivity while using this app. Hence, your kids will be able to understand lessons that are included in the books quickly. On the other hand, it will help the students understand and remember the content in their curriculum.

Download:- Android | iOS

EON-XR Augmented Reality Apps


If you are a teacher who is looking forward to conducting Remote learning classes, EON-XR will be the best app available for you to use.

It is possible to increase the interactivity of your Classes while using this app. That’s because it is providing your kids with a perfect AR-based learning environment. Over a million digital assets are available within the EON-XR app for you to use and create your AR content.

Hence, you need to use your creativity and come up with the best AR lessons, which you can use to ensure the betterment of your kids.

Download:- Android | iOS

Devar Augmented Reality Apps

Devar Augmented Reality Apps

DEVAR is a family-friendly AR app, which he optimized for learning. It is providing lots of fun educational material for the kids.

On top of that, DEVAR is offering lots of interactive characters, AR games, cool animations, and camera effects. Regardless of the age of your child, you can introduce the DEVAR app. It can also contribute to developing fine mortar skills of the child with activities such as coloring.

Download:- Android | iOS

Now you are aware of 10 of the best AR apps available out there to use. Stick to these apps, and you can make sure that you are receiving a top-notch AR learning experience.


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