Sync your Notes and Audio recording with AudioNote for Mac

In this speedy world, every now and then you need to take the aid of certain technology to cope up with the pace. Taking the instance of a simple college or university lecture class you often might find it really difficult to keep all the lectures delivered.

AudioNote for Mac

If you use a simple pen and a note book, you might be jotting down all the notes but you might be skipping the verbal explanations, again if you use a recorder you might get in all the verbal notes but you might miss all the board notes.

A combination of both would just do wonders. Now AudioNote has just come up with this idea only of incorporating the functionality of an audio recorder and a note pad at the same time.

It would not only help you to save much of your note taking time but would also allow you to create more powerful and effective notes.

Audionote allows you to synchronize all of your audio and notes that you have taken in your study classes, lectures, meetings or even in any seminars. This will also help you a lot to review or study any of the notes that you have taken previously.

AudioNote will allow you to make your own Notes on the Audionotes which will help you out to differentiate in which sessions you recorded which notes. In this way it won’t confuse you.

Also you won’t have to go on searching hastily, just enter a few search words and automatically within fractions your required note will appear. You also will have the opportunity of adding on additional notes at a later stage.

A completely functional note app, AudioNote also enhances the worth of your important notes. You can see all your drawn figures or important texts that you have taken while playing the voice recorded.

This will allow you to remember all the important notes.From the handiness of your iPad, cell phone, or Mac, you can easily use AudioNote in practically anywhere: meetings, interviews, lectures, study sessions and conferences.

Features of AudioNote

  1. Coordinated audio recording and note taking – This allows you to keep an effectual content of all your important notes in a compact manner and sync with Audio recording to get up to date.
  2. Fully purposeful note app, with effective copy and paste aid – You will have the complete ability to copy and paste any notes across directories to build in an all effective not.
  3. Drawing mode – Feature will help you to take down all the important diagrams that is delivered in the class.
  4. Seek directly to audio just by tapping drawings or texts.
  5. Highlight your notes during playback.
  6. Faultless management of audio disruptions (like phone calls or app exits, etc.)
  7. Email and distribute all your note and the audio files.
  8. Eraser

It is for sure that for every student this app would be of great benefit to keep in all their notes. Not only for the students but for others too, this app will be of great help.

Download : AudioNote Notepad and Voice Recorder


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