Audacity – Free cross-platform Audio Editor and recorder

The most popularity gained in recent times by any digital audio editor is none other than Audacity. The compatibility of this program is extended to such a level that it can work perfectly on any platform irrespective of the Operating System being used. The functionalities of this software include editing and capturing, however the feature unavailable in this software is the lack of publishing feature. Therefore, after the creation of several episodes of this software they must be uploaded but with aid of another service as this podcast software certainly lacks the publishing ability.

Audacity Audio Editor and recorder

Different types of audio formats are dealt in by Audacity. Recording of anything is an explicit feature of this software and the source of recording may also vary from the entry of direct sound to a mere microphone. However certain formats with which the compatibility of this software does not match includes WMA or AAC.

The various levels up to which Audacity can record and edited include 24-bit and 32-bit and the maximum level of its frequency measurement is 96 KHz. This signifies that although the working of this software is pretty simple yet it does not fail to achieve a professional standard in its work.

The features of the Edit menu including Undo (and Redo) can be done innumerable number of times and the maximum number of tracks that can be edited depends upon the processor used by the computer as well as the size of the RAM in the computer. Free accession to the outside world is available freely through the use of plug-ins. By installing this software you can also get rid of the irritating and monotonic background noise.

Features of Audacity

  1. Content Capture : The source of sound of Audacity is a multiple number of devices. Recordings can be captured through a microphone as well as recordings can be taken from several audio devices such as tapes and all. Other type of similar devices direct entry of sound also enables the entry of audio recordings. Exportation as well as importation of several files is possible with the help of Audacity software. The importation includes WAV, AIFF etc. while the exportation includes AU, OGG etc. The quality of CD generation can be also regulated by this software. However, certain formats like WMA or AAC are not fully compatible with Audacity. The exclusive owners of these formats are Microsoft and Apple. The great thing about this software is that mp3 files are also playable in this software.
  2. Editing Features : A large number of editing tools are provided by Audacity. Several tools that are included in Audacity include cropping, noise reduction and much more easy-to-use features. Several effects like reverse, modulation, and tempo are available in this software. Sound files are easily edited in this software and that task of edition is the primary function of Audacity. So it can be certainly said that this software aids a lot in the formation of a podcast that is the best and the most perfect in every sense. A waveform is generated on the current working file and this gives you the right to do anything as per your wish on the sound file.

Audacity has come up in recent times and has captured the market with a rapid speed. The technical aid provided by this software is immense and so it now provides the best work environment on sound files.

Download : Audacity


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