At Task- Social project and portfolio management platform

At Task is a proficient project management software. It keeps you in control of your projects and connects your workers. You can organize your work in one place and distribute tasks among your employees. It is an efficient way to manage your projects and save a lot of time. At Task has basic features and you can start to handle it in a very short period of time. It’s multiple and handy features have contributed to its popularity.


At Task offers an all-round service for managing your projects, maintaining the workflow and coordinating your co-workers at the same time. You can collaborate with your co-workers and control the work that is being done. Your workers can give their best and you can see the updates version of your work. You can control visibility of different projects. You can make a project visible and private to a certain specified group who are responsible for that project. You can set schedule and create todo lists.

Real-time reporting and dashboards guide you through the project. At task provides you all the required information to set tasks for your employees. At task is also efficient at resource management. You can take care of what your workers need and also utilize their full potential to get the best results. At Task consists of four types of licenses such as requester, view-only, team member and full user. You can choose the best type of license according to the size of the project and your requirement of facilities.

Features of At Task

  1. At Task make executing projects a simple task. It has a user-friendly interface which helps you arrange all your tasks in one place. The Gantt charts helps you plan out your projects schematically. You can insert task, allot them to individuals and make necessary changes if required.
  2. You can customize dashboards as per your requirements to be informed about every aspect of your project. Your team members can report about their current status and keep you updated.
  3. You can analyze your resources and allocate work according to those. The capacity Planner helps you study the impact of potential changes that you want to make in your project. You can quickly study the role of each team member. The Resource Grid tool lets you view your resources in a calendar format.
  4. You can assess your team members individually. You can share file of any formats and attach them to projects and tasks. At task update become more detailed in nature to make collaboration easier.
  5. The issue tracking feature in At Task helps you to keep record of every issue in detail. You can create issues and your team members can add to the list.
  6. At Task is also adept in managing management and portfolio management using Business Case Builder.

At Task is the ideal solution as the project manager for your company. It is sure to get your work done. on-demand task, project and portfolio management platform

Download : online project and portfolio management System – At Task


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