9 Best Android Tethering Apps

Tethering is a process where your mobile phone or any other internet-enabled mobile devices use to access your mobile Internet directly from a computer or Laptop.

At that time, your mobile phone work as a wireless router or USB Internet access point to access your mobile Internet.

Here are nine free and useful Android Tethering Apps for android users.

Android Tethering Apps

Easy Tether – Android Tethering Apps

Easy Tether is an android tethering app that allows you to tether your android phone connection with your personal computer.

It works with the same data plan which your smartphone use for internet access like an inbuilt browser, email, or YouTube apps.

Currently, Easy Tether gives support to all operating systems like window 7, Vista, XP, Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, 10.4, and Ubuntu 10.4+.

Also, tether PS3, Xbox 360, or Wii via Windows Internet Connection Sharing feature. – EasyTether

PdaNet+ for Android

PdaNet+ is one of the best tethering apps for Android, which helps you to share your mobile internet access with your computer easily.

You can use PdaNet+ tethering on your mobile without any hack or root access to your phone firmware.

it provides support for both USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN and helps you to achieve fast download speed up to 35 Mbps over USB.

PdaNet Android tethering App

Barnacle wifi Tether

Barnacle wifi Tether allows you to turn your android smartphone into a wireless ad-hoc access point.

It works as a wireless router that connects its clients to the Internet via the phone’s 3G (or 2G) mobile connection.

Currently, Barnacle wifi Tether provides support for all major operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux. – Barnacle wifi Tether

Android wifi Tether

Android Wi-Fi tether is a brand new wi-fi Tether for Android users. This utility allows tethering for “rooted” handsets running the Android OS.

Any computer can easily connect with your Android phone through Wi-Fi and get access to the internet using the mobile connection which is established by the handset. – android-Wi-Fi-tether

Auto USB Tethering Apps for Android

Auto USB Tethering helps you to monitor all your Phone USB Port.

whenever a user connects their android phone to a PC or Laptop via a USB cable.

Auto USB Tethering automates all these manual steps and instantly allows you to access the Internet from the Laptop over the 3G/4G network. – Auto USB Tethering

Tetrd – Tether for Android Apps

Tetrd is a simple tethering app that lets you share your internet connection from your device to your PC through a USB cable.

Now you can simply share your device’s wifi or mobile internet connection together with your PC.

The App additionally provides reverse tethering feature, where you can share your PC internet connection together with your device.

Tetrd Tether

TetherGPS Lite – Android Tethering Apps

TetherGPS Lite share your GPS on one WiFi enabled android device with another WiFi enabled Android Device.


  1. Share the GPS on one Wi-Fi enabled Android device with another Wi-Fi enabled Android Device
  2. Launch TetherGPS easily from the home screen by using the added 1×1 widgets
  3. This lite version of the server runs for 5 minutes at a time upgrade to the full version to keep the server running constantly.

TetherGPS Lite

Netshare – Android Tethering Apps

NetShare creates compact wifi Hotspot while connected to a wifi network to share a wifi connection from your device to other devices as a Wifi Repeater.

The tethering process is completely hidden & undetectable, so you can easily bypass the tethering/hotspot block.

NetShare Tethering

WiFi Tethering /WiFi HotSpot

Wifi Tethering app by InnodroApps allows you to access the combined Portable wifi HotSpot and the Bluetooth so smoothly and immediately.

It’s a shortcut tool that allows us to save more steps than traditional operations.


  1. Call the embedded wifi tethering (wifi Hotspot) settings with few clicks.
  2. Call the embedded Bluetooth setting screen quickly.
  3. Share your Internet to other devices via wifi connection.
  4. App 2 SD support
  5. Quick launch from the notification bar.
  6. One-click to enter the wifi tethering screen (IAP feature)

WiFi Tethering App


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