The Best Free Android Speed Dialer Apps

There are a lot of speed dialer apps available on Google Play Market for your Android devices. You can get a variety of different features from each app. All speed dialer App is available free and paid in which you can make your calls with just a single tap. Today I am going to share some of the best speed dialer apps for your Android smartphone.

ExDialer & Contacts

The first app which makes our list is ExDialer & Contacts. It has a simple yet easy-to-use user interface that makes it easy to dial numbers with just one tap. Swipe left or right on your dialer pad to text or call anyone.

It also provides support for many languages and compatible with more than 30+ languages. The intelligent T9 algorithm comes pre-installed, which makes this app much more valuable. You can install this app on your android smartphone and use it for a week’s trial period. If you like this app and want some advanced features, you should try the PRO version.

ExDialer & Contacts

TouchPal Contacts

TouchPal Contacts is a convenient and easy-to-use dialer app for contacts. One of the best android dialer app which considered a perfect replacement for your default dialer. You will not only get the dial pad but also get the contacts app inbuilt in it. Use the search feature to find all the references while you are on a dial-pad.

However, you can block all calls that unnecessarily call you by using the call block feature. You can also use the draw gestures and use the gesture feature to make and receive calls. If someone calls, your touchpad will see the location to which the number calling is registered.

TouchPal Contacts

Speed Dial Classic

The next app is Speed Dial Classic. Here is the classic version of the original Speed Dial App. The functioning of this app is similar to most of the speed dialing apps for Android. Add the number to the corresponding digits. Long press the digit for two seconds, and the number placed on that digit will be automatically dialed.

Speed Dial classic

Tap Dialer

Tap Dialer by Rocketmind is the fourth app that makes it to our list. It comes with a unique speed dialing function. Most of the apps come with a standard feature, including inputting the number first and then pressing the digit corresponding to that number, resulting in speed dialing.

But in Tap Dialer, you can tap on your dialing screen, and the number will be dialed. Add the numbers by opening Tap Dialer and tap once to dial the first number, twice to dial the second number, and so on. Once you have the number you want to dial, stop tapping. Cool, Isn’t it!!

Tap Dialer

SIGN – Speed Dialer Apps for Android

SIGN is a premium speed dialer app for android, which you can buy from the Google Play market. You can add unlimited numbers to your contacts. The gesture feature allows you to speed dial your contacts and send texts to your friends. If you want to use a different gesture for any particular reference, you can do that. It never leaves any logs of the calls when you leave the app. – Sign

PureContact Speed Dialer Apps

Launch the app either by swapping on your android screen or by double-tapping it. Add your favorite contacts in the app and use different symbols to call, text, or what’s app them.

PureContact is still in its Beta Phase; if you come across any bug, please contact the app developer. There are different types of gestures available: swiping to the right, swiping to the left, swiping to the top, swiping to the bottom, and double-tapping. The app is available for free in the Google Play market.


QuickDial Speed Dialer Apps

The next app is QuickDial. That is the best paid Speed Dialer App for Android. Developed by BK Mobility, you can get this app for $3.87 only. You can add up to 36 different contacts, bookmarks, or apps you wish to launch with a single tap. Also, easy to customize the app as per choice using the customize feature.

Navigate to the settings menu, and you will see their customization menu. QuickDial comes with six different designs to select. It also comes with an inbuilt theme creator to create your design theme for your app.

Many people face one common issue while using this app because the photos of the saved contacts disappear sometimes. You can fix that issue by going to the settings menu and then disabling the Speedloader option.


Speed Dial Android Apps

There are both free and paid versions available on Google Play Market. The paid version comes with many features like adding unlimited contacts in each group, having up to 8 columns on your screen, Support multiple Sim Card, and many more.

You can customize those added images by adding borders or frames to them. Also, easily remove any unnecessary contacts from the speed dial app by long pressing that contact. This app is compatible with all smartphones and supports multiple languages.


  1. Multiple Sim Card Support
  2. Unlimited contacts in each group
  3. Custom columns
  4. Google Drive backup
  5. Home screen widgets
  6. Swipe/Fling between the groups
  7. Support multiple Languages
  8. Contacts, Dial Pad and Call Log
  9. Rename groups, select groups to show, group button height
  10. App start on phone startup
  11. On touch select option or call or write SMS
  12. Contact effects, which the user can customize
  13. Rounded frame and image corners
  14. Change added and empty contact image size
  15. Manual order of the contacts in the group

Speed Dial

RocketDial Dialer & Contacts

Most of the apps are compatible with all standard-sized smartphones, but some smartphones come with screen sizes of 5-inch +. RocketDial is optimized to work on smartphones having high resolutions like Galaxy Note and Note II. It comes with an inbuilt T9 dictionary which helps you in easy search of your contacts.


  1. account management
  2. advanced batch mode
  3. group management
  4. organization management
  5. title management
  6. event management
  7. Gesture Support
  8. customization of the app
  9. Easy to add up to 100 contacts in this app

RocketDial Dialer & Contacts


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