10 Best Free Android apps for location-based reminders

We usually use many reminder apps on our mobile phones to get reminders on time and ensure we don’t miss anything. However, not all reminder apps are in a position to deliver the best experience.

For example, when we want to get a location-based reminder, a traditional app cannot help. So it is where you should specifically get your hands on location-based reminder apps. Here are a few great apps available to use and get your work done.

Best Android apps for location-based reminders

Google Keep – An app for location-based reminders

Google Keep - 10 Best Android apps for location-based reminders

Google Keep is not a dedicated location-based reminder for Android. Instead, you can call Google Keep, a casual note-taking app. You need to keep an eye on this feature and learn how to get the most out of it. Since Google develops the App, you can rely on it as well.

Download:- Android App

Todoist for Android

Todoist for location-based reminders

The todoist App gives you access to various tasks and location-based reminders. So you can catch the tasks you must complete daily and set up reminders.

When you start using this App, you will reduce your chances of effectively missing out on your tasks. The location-based reminder capability offered by this tool is impressive. However, you need to keep your location on at all times.

Download:- Android App

Any. do – Task management with location-based reminders

Any.do Android apps for location-based reminders

Any. do is a premium app helping people with task management. You can trust the functionalities of this App and get your hands on it. We can see how people in all parts of the world are using Any.do to get their work done.

No matter what, the App can help you ensure you are not missing out on any task. You can also consider this a unique option among the Android apps for location-based reminders.

Download:- Android App

Task Nearby – Dedicated location-based reminders for Android

Task Nearby for Android

You may look at Task Nearby if you are trying to find dedicated location-based reminder apps. This App has an intuitive user interface. Therefore, you can get your work done from the App without any problem.

You can take complete control over the reminders you generate with this tool’s help. For example, you can customize the alarm tone based on the reminders.

Download:- Android App

Naplarm – Android apps for location-based reminders

Naplarm - 10 Best Android apps for location-based reminders

Naplarm is a dedicated location alarm app available for use. People from many countries across the world are using this App. You can enable the location of the Naplarm App to deliver its functionality. Then the App will be able to provide you with automated alarms based on your locality.

Download:- Android App

Moove – Best Android Apps for Location-Based Reminders

Moove - 10 Best Android apps for location-based reminders

Moove is another dedicated app that you can find among the location-based reminder for Android. No matter where you live, you can use Moove and get your work done. The App is specially optimized to deliver a premium experience to each user worldwide.

Download:- Android App

Reminders for Android

Reminders - 10 Best Android apps for location-based reminders

Reminders are the most popular reminder apps you can find online. Millions of people have already downloaded this good-looking App as well. However, due to the Reminders app’s unique design, people prefer to use this to finish their work.

There is a feature available in the Reminders App which you can use to get reminders based on location. On top of that, you can also get time-based reminders with Reminders.

Download:- Android App

Ike РTodo task list app with location-based reminders

Ike - To-Do List

You can manage a to-do task list while using Ike. After creating the task list, you can quickly prioritize them with the help of Ike. On top of that, you can also add due dates and reminders. If you want to add the reminder based on the location, you can use Ike and get the job done. This App is robust and reliable.

Download:- Android App

Alarm Me – Location-based Alarm and Reminder

Alarm Me

The alarm-Me App is effectively offering location-based alarms. Hence, you can ensure that you will never miss out on anything when using this App. In addition, you can take better control over the alarm offered with this App.

Hence, people who want to try the best location-based alarm apps are urged to look at Alarm-Me. It will be your companion throughout life, and you can ensure that you are not missing out on anything.

Download:- Android App

Voice Reminder for Android

Voice Reminder - 10 Best Android apps for location-based reminders

Voice Reminder is an app designed to deliver voice-based reminders to you in many different situations in your day-to-day life. For example, you can use Voice Reminder to get reminders based on homework, meetings, wake up, birthdays, and even anniversaries.

One of the most incredible features you can see in Voice Reminder is that you can set up reminders based on your location. So here is a part that most people are looking forward to receiving.

Download:- Android App

Now you are aware of the best location-based reminder apps that are available for use. Please look at these apps and go ahead with the best one them.


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