Alternative Apps for TrekkSoft

TrekkSoft is an Online booking and payment solution used by tour operators and activity providers to effectively manage and market their business.

It offers a booking system, payment solution, website and mobile platform, and a channel manager.

Users can set-up a webpage and start selling trips online in only a few simple steps.

Built-in features easily link to Facebook, Twitter and a multitude of other social media platforms.

TrekkSoft combines tour management and online booking solution with an integrated payment gateway and an easy to use CMS.

Alternative Apps for TrekkSoft

TrekkSoft is suitable for selling date/time specific tickets, vouchers and gift certificates.

The solution is subscription-based and there is a free-to-use plan with no setup or fixed costs.

Additionally, TrekkSoft offers an integrated payment gateway for activity providers.

Here are 15 best alternative apps for TrekkSoft that offer you similar features to use in minimal charges. 

Alternative Apps for TrekkSoft

  1. Checkfront

    Checkfront is a Smart, Simplified Online Bookings software for Tours, Activities and Rentals that allows businesses to manage their availability, track rental inventories, centralize reservations, and process online payments.


  2. Xola

    Xola is an elegant and powerful online booking and distribution system that help tour and activity providers reduce costs, grow revenue, and save time.

    The Software manages all back-office and online reservations, payment processing, calendaring, inventory and guide management, and customer relationship management.


  3. FareHarbor

    Modern and mobile-friendly reservation and booking software for activity and tourism businesses.

    Operators can manage phone, in-store, and affiliate bookings with just a few clicks, all while accepting online reservations with live availability.


  4. Travel Agent CMS

    Travel Agent CMS is an online booking and reservation system for tour operators, travel agents and hotel industries to manage and automate their business more efficiently and economically.

    Travel Agent CMS

  5. Peek Pro

    Peek Pro is an online booking and reservations system for tour and activity providers to help increase their bookings by reaching out to large numbers of potential customers.

    Peek Pro

  6. TourCMS

    TourCMS is a simple web-based, cloud-hosted and affordable booking system for local and global tours & activities suppliers, distributors and agents of all sizes.


  7. Rezgo

    Rezgo is the leading online tour operator booking software that allows tourism agencies to integrate a real-time online booking system into their websites.

    Manage your business better, get paid faster, sell more tours, and reduce costs.


  8. Rezdy

    Rezdy is an online booking software and B2B platform to sell thousands of products in real-time on their website and through distribution channels.


  9. iBooking Ticket

    iBooking Ticket offer you flexible front-end that can be completely tailored to match your existing web site. it is used by Online Transport, Sightseeing Tour and Activity Provider Booking Engine that allows you to securely sell tickets from your own web site and multiple agents and affiliate channels.


  10. Booker Software

    Booker offers the most advanced cloud-based online scheduling, point-of-sale, marketing, and business management software for Management, Booking, Marketing, and POS for small, medium, and large size business worldwide.


  11. MindBody

    MindBody is a studio management software for yoga, Pilates, personal training, dance, martial arts, spas, and salons.


  12. ZOZI Advance

    ZOZI Advance is an online booking system designed for tour, activity, event, and rental businesses.

    The ZOZI Advance system helps thousands of businesses worldwide manage their bookings, payments, and customers.

    ZOZI Advance

  13. Lodgify

    Lodgify is an all-in-one SaaS solution that helps vacation rental owners and property managers to manage and market their accommodation business.


  14. Vend

    Vend is a cloud-based retail management platform including Point of sale and E-commerce. It can be operated from any device or platform with a web browser or by using Vend’s iOS app.


  15. Highline

    Highline is a cloud-based retail platform for specialty retailers with one store or hundreds–clothing, boutiques, bike shops, apothecary, hardware, sporting goods, and wine stores are typical clients.


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